‘American Pickers’ Stopped Filming The New Season?

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It has been going from bad to worse for The History Channel’s megahit reality television show, American Pickers. There has been an unannounced schedule change for the hit show. Whatever is worse than “worse” may be exactly what is happening to the show. In fact, this may be the worst thing that has happened to American Pickers ever.

The Schedule Change

The normal time slot for American Pickers is Wednesdays at 9 pm EST. Not this week though. Another show has replaced The History Channel’s megahit reality television show. Something else will be airing in its place this week.

This could be bad news, really bad news, for the show and all its fans. The ratings have been dropping for quite a while now. It all started when Frank Fritz was fired by The History Channel. Now, the ratings are even lower than ever before.

With ratings dropping like rocks off a cliff, this could possibly mean the end of the show. It is uncommon for a network to keep airing a show whose ratings continue to drop. Sadly, the ratings are dangerously low for American Pickers.

What Is Replacing American Pickers?

There is another reality television megahit that will be replacing American Pickers. That show is Pawn Stars. This show has been a staple for The History Channel for several years.

Instead of just seeing one episode of Pawn Stars, The History Channel has decided to air a marathon of its hit show. It is safe to say this means reruns of Pawn Stars is replacing a new episode of American Pickers. Airing reruns of a different show instead of airing new episodes of the show normally in that time slot is hard to be seen as good news for American Pickers.

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American Pickers Stopped Filming New Season

Making matters worse is the fact the show has stopped filming its new season. Mike Wolfe, Robbie Wolfe and “Jersey” Jon Szalay are have stopped all filming. It is unknown if this stoppage is temporary or permanent.

At the time of publication, a reason for American Pickers to have stopped filming for its new season had not be given. Until The History Channel explains their decision to stop filming, fans of the show will just have to wonder what is going on.

Is This The End?

Could this be the end of American Pickers? That is a possibility. With the low ratings that are continuing to drop, it is difficult to hold out hope the show will not be cancelled. Mike Wolfe may have to do a lot more begging, something he has been doing a lot of lately, to save this reality television show.

Tell us what you think. Why did they stop filming? What will happen if they don’t start filming again soon? Sound off in the comment section below.

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