‘American Pickers’ Star Gets Grumpy As Ratings Continue To Fall

Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe on American Pickers / YouTube

American Pickers, The History Channel’s megahit reality television, is not making many people happy these days. This appears to be true even when it comes to one of its stars. A recent social media post showed one of the stars admitting being “grumpy.” Based on the face in the photo, the American Pickers star was indeed grumpy.

Ratings Of American Pickers Keep Dropping

The ratings are plummeting for American Pickers. They keep dropping and dropping. Even when Mike Wolfe takes to social media outlets such as Instagram, there might be a small spike in the ratings, but nothing significant. When following Mike Wolfe on Instagram, it is hard not to notice him begging people to stay tuned or keep watching.

If The History Channel’s reality television show keeps losing viewers, it may not be around much longer. The ratings of American Pickers are dropping to the point the show might end up being canceled. If that possibility looms, fans are just not watching like they used to.

Mike Wolfe on American Pickers / YouTube

Always Comes Back To Frank Fritz

Frank Fritz. Frank Fritz. It is always about Frank Fritz! It always comes back to Frank. The fans of American Pickers want him back. It is just that simple. It appears only the return of Fritz will make them happy. There is nothing else that will appease his loyal fans.

The odds of Frank Fritz returning to American Pickers are slim to none, if not less. The History Channel let Frank go and, despite the outcry from fans, does not appear to want to rehire him. Even if The History Channel was willing to bring him back, it is unknown if Fritz would be physically able to go back to American Pickers. After back surgery, he also had a stroke. His health may not be where it should be for him to be able to go on picks with Mike Wolfe.

American Pickers Has Unhappy Fans

Although it is easy to say fans of American Pickers are only unhappy because Frank Fritz is gone, there is more to it. There are lots of issues the fans are having are having. Yes, Frank Fritz is their biggest complaint, but they have other complaints as well.

Robbie Wolfe, Mike Wolfe’s brother, has not been received well since he was made one of the stars of American Pickers. The fans do not like him. Many are calling for him to be fired. It is unsure if they genuinely do not like him or if they love Frank Fritz that much.

Mike Wolfe Is Grumpy About The Ratings

Mike Wolfe is also not happy. This fact is easily seen in his recent post on Instagram. Even if he had not captioned the photo with his admission of being grumpy, his mood was easily seen on his face. It was obvious the American Pickers star was grumpy.

Despite his grumpy mood, Mike Wolfe did encourage his followers to watch American Pickers. He is always asking people to watch the reality television show. Posting photos and teasers, Mike is doing all he can to get people back to watching the show.

Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe on American Pickers / YouTube

Tell us what you think. Is Mike Wolfe grumpy because of the falling ratings? Do you think American Pickers will be able to last much longer? Sound off in the comment section below.


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