Wendy Williams’ Guardian Demands Gag Order On Kevin Hunter

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There is more drama unfolding between Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter. Now, Williams’ financial guardian Sabrina Morrissey has filed a lawsuit against Hunter, demanding that he pay the former talk show host $112,500. She is also requesting the judge issue a gag order to keep Kevin Hunter from continuing to talk about the divorce case. Keep reading to find out why Sabrina Morrissey is claiming Wendy Williams is owed.

Kevin Hunter Reopens Divorce Case

Previously, Kevin Hunter has come forward and said that his “severance” payments from Wendy Williams stopped in 2022 shortly before she was put under the care of a financial guardian. He brought the case up again because he said that their out-of-court mediation was not working.

According to Hunter, he made a request for financial documents to prove that Williams was actually broke. He said that without the $37,500 monthly payments, he was suffering financially.

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In the court filing, he wrote, “I rely on the severance pay for my living expenses, and having been without this income for twenty-three months has affected me greatly.”

The papers filed in March also claimed that Hunter requested bank documents from Sabrina Morrissey and he was promised access. However, he still has not received any information regarding the statements since then.

Now, Morrissey is firing back with her own lawsuit against Kevin Hunter. Apparently, he actually owes Wendy Williams money at this point.

Wendy Williams Is Owed $112K, Plus Interest

Morrissey has come forward with details about Hunter and Williams’ Marital Settlement Agreement. The agreement stated that Kevin Hunter was supposed to receive severance payments, but he missed some fine print.

Wendy Williams’ financial guardian claims that “the payments to Mr. Hunter were to terminate if [Wendy’s] yearly earned income is less than 2 times her then yearly income (as of February 1, 2020).”

The document states that “‘yearly income’ is defined in the Agreement as [Wendy’s] W-2 income and any income paid as a result of her working on a show.”

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Wendy stopped showing up for The Wendy Williams Show during the last season of the talk show. She stopped being paid her full salary in October 2021.

Despite that, Kevin Hunter continued to receive payments from his ex-wife. In the documents he has filed with the court, he stated that he continued to receive payments until January 2022.

“As a result, [Kevin] has been unjustly enriched by the receipt of $112,500 ($37,500 x 3 months) belonging to [Wendy],” Sabrina Morrissey’s filing continued. So, she is requesting that Kevin pay that money back, plus interest.

On top of that, she is demanding that the judge issue a gag order for Kevin Hunter.

“I request that the Court increase the protection of this case and issue a ‘gag order’ thereby instructing Mr. Hunter not to speak to the press or others, except for legal advisors, about these matters and to instruct anyone with whom he has previously discussed these matters that they should not communicate about these matters with anyone else,” she submitted in the court documents.

There is no news on how this might play out for Kevin Hunter. However, it looks like he might have to fork over some cash to Wendy Williams soon.

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  1. Why does Hunter think he should continue to get severance pay from Williams? I don’t think severance pay is supposed to be depended upon for life, just until you find other employment. Why doesn’t he get himself a job? Why does he want to be cuckolded by Williams? Has he ever had a job other than employed by Williams? That ship set sail when he was cheating on Williams and had another whole life going on with his mistress and created a whole new family. Sorry, I don’t think he should have his cake and eat it too. Support yourself big boy.

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