‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Fans Wowed By Contestant’s Bonus Round

Pat Sajak - YouTube/Wheel Of Fortune

Wheel Of Fortune fans have been left stunned by a recent contestant’s performance on the game show. Alex Harrell from Stafford, Virginia solved the Bonus Round in record-breaking time, plus he won a jaw-dropping amount of cash. Continue reading to see what Alex Harrell did that had WOF fans so surprised.

U.S. Marine Has A Great Run On Wheel Of Fortune

Alex Harrell has served more than nine years in the United States Marines Corps. He has served his time as an Osprey pilot. He appeared on the Wednesday, April 24 episode of Wheel Of Fortune.

As he was introducing himself on the show, he told host Pat Sajak that he was stationed in San Diego. However, his job in the Marine Corps has brought him all over the world in the 9+ years he has been in the service. He also shared that he is married with an 18-month-old daughter and a baby boy on the way.

Alex Harrell - YouTube/Wheel Of Fortune
YouTube/Wheel Of Fortune

Harrell went up against contestant Betty Hunter, a self-proclaimed “sports mom” and Kaley Keller, a pig farmer. The two women didn’t stand a chance though. Alex Harrell came to win.

Harrell had accrued $13,648 and landed a cruise after the Mystery Round. Moving into the Express Round, he had racked up a total of $27,105 and another trip for himself to Aruba (valued at $9,357).

“Wow… He’s having quite a run,” Wheel Of Fortune host Pat Sajak said. Harrell wound up winning the entire episode with the $27,105 in his pocket and moved on to the Bonus Round, which is where he really wowed the audience and fans at home.

Alex Harrell Kills The Bonus Round, Bringing Home $67K

Harrell solved the Bonus Round within milliseconds. He selected “Food and Drink” as the category for the round. Then, he chose his letters “H, G, P, and O.” The puzzle wound up reading “T _ P _ O _ _ / P _ _ _ _ N G.”

Pat Sajak saw that Alex Harrell seemed nervous. “Don’t go telling me you’re nervous, you’re a Marine pilot for god sake,” he joked. Harrell didn’t have anything to worry about though.

Almost as soon as the timer started, he blurted out the answer, “Tapioca Pudding.” Stunned, Pat Sajak opened his envelope, which revealed that he won an additional $40,000, bringing his total earnings for the show to $67,105. Not to mention, he landed himself two amazing trips.

Alex Harrell - YouTube/Wheel Of Fortune
YouTube/Wheel Of Fortune

Fans were excited to finally see a contestant win so big. Many people have been accusing Wheel Of Fortune of making the puzzles too hard and cheating people out of their winnings recently. So, Alex Harrell’s run on the show was a breath of fresh air.

“Way to go, Alex. Best contestant ever tonight!” one person wrote on YouTube. “This guy on Wheel of fortune just won $67,000 in cash and prizes, I’m assuming he’s gonna go back to the Hyatt and roll around in the bed with all that dough,” another fan wrote on X.  A third person commented, “WOW!! Alex did Excellent!!! All contestants once some money that’s the way we like it. Congratulations to all. And thank you for your service Alex.”

Wheel Of Fortune airs on weekdays. To find out when it airs in your area, check your local listings.

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