‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant Gets Game Show Redemption

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A Wheel of Fortune contestant just got their game show redemption but how did they do so? Some game shows offer second chances or championship episodes. So, what happened in this situation? Keep reading for more details on this lucky player.

Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Gets Game Show Redemption

The fun thing about Jeopardy! is that there is always a chance to return. There is the Tournament of Champions and the Second Chance Tournament. With the latter, contestants who did not win in their first appearance were able to seek redemption. This is a way to show that they know their stuff and play once again. Not everyone is able to be a part of this but there are other game shows to partake in. Scott Menke did appear on Jeopardy! in 2009 on their college show but lost in Final Jeopardy!

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Luckily, he was able to make a comeback in a recent episode of Wheel of Fortune. The Johns Hopkins alum appeared on the Friday, April 19th episode and made it to the bonus round. According to The Sun, this was Scott’s big moment for redemption. He chose his consonants along with the given RSTLN and E. Trying to figure out the puzzle, Scott started to scream:

“Pick at the opportunity! Pack at the opportunity! Jump at the opportunity!”

It was “JUMP AT THE OPPORTUNITY” which was the correct answer per Pat Sajak, who has filmed his final episodes.

More so, after Scott learned that he had won, Pat opened up the envelope to reveal what his prize was. It was a blue Chevy Equinox worth $40K. This was an amazing redemption as losing on Jeopardy! was especially painful given that his college screened his episode. At the time, Scott said this: “It was tough to keep a smile.” This is understandable knowing the outcome. Yet, after his win this time, fans were thrilled:

  • I liked the way he worked that out.
  • Scott made $56,000 and had $108,690!!! I think I should give him some confetti!
  • Way to go, Scott!
  • Congratulations Scott on winning a new car on wheel of fortune

Amazing Sendoff

Pat Sajak will be exiting Wheel of Fortune after forty-one seasons. He has already filmed his final episode with Ryan Seacrest taking over in September 2024. However, Vanna White will be staying on through 2026 so there will be some familiarity for fans. As for Scott Menke, he was able to have his redemption moment during Pat’s last season which makes it even more momentous. Hopefully, he will cherish this for years to come.

Do you remember Scott from his time on Jeopardy!? More so, are you excited that he was able to come back and redeem himself all of these years later? Let us know in the comments below.

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