Wrong ‘Jeopardy!’ Clue Costs Contestant Cash, Fans Confused


A wrong Jeopardy! clue cost a recent contestant big money and left viewers very confused. It happens when a clue is obvious to fans at home but the contestants are baffled. Yet, this one was a big snafu on production’s part. So, what happened? Keep reading for more details.

Wrong Jeopardy! Clue Costs Contestant Cash, Fans Confused

Things get messy on Jeopardy! at any given time. Sometimes, Ken Jennings will give credit to a contestant who only gives half an answer. Or, they will scribble in Final Jeopardy! and it is deemed correct even if it is illegible. Things happen that viewers at home just do not understand and end up tweeting about or starting online threads to vent their frustration. The latest incident was over a clue that was incorrectly done, according to The Sun. Allison Betts is a three-day champ but when she chose from the category “American Birds,” her $1200 clue was very off.

Ken Jennings-YouTube
Ken Jennings-YouTube

Ken Jennings proceeded to read the clue: “The Cooper’s type of this bird of prey is soon to be the TBD type as American birds will no longer have people in their common names.” However, it was a video clue so it also showed an image of the bird. Betts answered: “Finch?” The right answer was a Cooper’s Hawk but as it turns out, that was not what was shown in the photo. It was actually a Falcon, per a Reddit thread that was started.

Allison Betts-YouTube
Allison Betts-YouTube

The OP wrote this:

  • Last week, the q/a was about the kind of bird known as ” Cooper’s. _____”, but the picture was a peregrine FALCON. quit falcon around! The staff is supposed to be smart

So, what did fellow Jeopardy! fans have to say about this massive mistake?

  •  A Cooper’s Hawk is quite a bit smaller than the raptor in their clue. They should have given the clue with no picture.
  • Why did they show a photo of a falcon for the clue for “Cooper’s Hawk”? That was really confusing. Falcons and hawks are in different bird orders.
  • They’ve done this before – just a few months ago, actually. It’s pretty aggravating.

Not A Big Deal

One fan noted that, out of all of the clues that they have to go through, making a few mistakes is not a big deal. However, to fans and those who are risking money, it could be quite a large deal. Jeopardy! viewers are passionate and they want the rules to be followed. More so, if there is an error, they want it rectified. Seeing that this has happened just a short time back is understandably frustrating. Hopefully, production will be more cautious when sharing photos.

Did you notice this mistake and do you think that it is something the show needs to be more mindful of? Let us know in the comments below.

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