Pat Sajak Roasts ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant

Pat Sajak - Wheel of Fortune - YouTube

Pat Sajak has already filmed his last few episodes of Wheel of Fortune, and some fans might feel glad about that; particularly one whom he roasted for some time on a recent airing of the game show. He just would not let go when it came to Jennifer’s hairstyle.

Pat Sajak Can Be Kind To Contestants On The Game Show

Sometimes, when the host becomes too generous, fans will roast the game show host. When a constant missed one letter out of the word “Everglades,” but went on to win a good prize, people felt furious. Some of them decided that he should already retire. Well, it’s not long before Ryan Seacrest takes over and then he will probably get ripped for making mistakes on Wheel of Fortune.

Pat Sajak on 'Wheel of Fortune' - YouTube
YouTube – Pat Sajak -Wheel of Fortune

Pat Sajak acted in a kindly way towards another contestant on the game show. At the beginning of the month, Willy was on the show, and he and the older host talked about fashion. Although he didn’t win a prize, in a sweet gesture, the host gave Willie his own tie to take home. The entire audience loved that moment. But this week, he wasn’t kind to Jennifer.

Wheel Of Fortune Host Roasts Jennifer

Jennifer hails from Indiana, she’s married with adult kids, and she sports a massive hairstyle that she kept since the 1980s. She was up against Shannon who won $16,000. In fact, both of them went home with the same amount of money, but Jennifer went home with a roasting ringing in her ears. Clearly, the Wheel of Fortune host doesn’t like big hair.

Jennifer on Wheel of Fortune - via The Sun
Jennifer on Wheel of Fortune – via The Sun

Pat Sajak, The Sun reported, had some “mean things” to say about Jennifer’s hairstyle. At least she had the grace to just give him back her answers. At one stage, he said to her, “Have you ever changed your hairstyle over the years?” When she answered that she felt “happy to have hair,” he got sarcastic, saying, “No, It’s lovely!… I’m glad you…I feel the same way.”

He also badgered her about her style for a longer time than necessary, saying:

This woman, this may not shock you to hear this. In the 80s, [Jennifer] was voted Best Hair in High School. So when you like something you stick with it, is that it?

To be fair, some of the people who watched the show agreed that Jennifer’s hair seemed a bit over top. On Twitter, some viewers commented:

  • Jennifer’s hair. Reminds me [of] one of the girls from Bananarama.
  • Jennifer is clearly stuck in the ‘80s with this hair. #wheeloffortune
  • I learned something new on #WheelOfFortune tonight. Jennifer was the Karen of the ‘80s.
  • #wheeloffortune hairdo or hairdon’t?

What are your thoughts about Pat Sajak roasting the contestant about her hair? Do you think he made too much of it by not letting the subject drop? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all, your Wheel of Fortune news.

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