Wendy Williams’ Ex Rips Into Guardian For Permitting Lifetime Doc

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In a recent court hearing, Wendy Williams’ ex-husband Kevin Hunter weighed in on her latest television appearance. Hunter ripped into Williams’ court-ordered financial guardian about allowing the Lifetime docuseries to happen as they continue to battle over the former talk show host’s money. Continue reading to see what he had to say about the documentary as well as details about how things are going in court.

Judge Labels Wendy Williams Case As ‘Difficult’

The ongoing feud over Wendy Williams’ money has continued in court between Kevin Hunter and her financial guardian Sabrina Morrissey. During their latest court appearance, Hunter had a few words for Morrissey about the way she’s handled things.

They appeared in court on Friday, April 19 to discuss Hunter’s complaints regarding the financial records that he still has not received. Wendy Williams’ ex-husband has requested financial records that will prove that the former talk show host is broke several times. He has been promised that he would receive the documents, but they have yet to materialize.

Kevin Hunter - The Wendy Williams Show - 99 JAMZ, YouTube
Kevin Hunter – The Wendy Williams Show – 99 JAMZ, YouTube

Right around the time Sabrina Morrissey took charge of Wendy Williams’ finances, alimony payments to Kevin Hunter ceased. The former TV producer wants the payments reinstated, as well as back pay and bank documents.

At the hearing on April 19, Judge Michael Katz acknowledged that the situation was difficult. “It’s difficult for the parties, but also because of the physical, mental health, and financial issues, it’s difficult for both parties, and both parties need to have this resolved. I think this case needs to go to arbitration, but Mr. Hunter needs discovery,” he said.

Kevin Hunter Doesn’t Trust Financial Guardian

Agreeing with the judge, Hunter alluded to knowing how much money Wendy Williams made from the recent Lifetime docuseries. Then he accused Sabrina Morrissey of keeping the money from him, which is why she hasn’t come forward with bank documents.

“I understand why I’m here, but there were blatant lies that Ms. Morrissey is telling us, and we still haven’t seen the bank records. She’s supposed to give us access to the retirement accounts,” Kevin Hunter claimed in court.

He continued, saying that he didn’t trust Sabrina Morrissey and that he was “embarrassed” by the Lifetime docuseries Where Is Wendy Williams? “There has been gross negligence – as far as her being a guardian, I don’t trust this woman,” he stated.

Wendy Williams - YouTube, Lifetime

“I am totally embarrassed by the production that was put on,” Hunter added. In her defense, Sabrina Morrissey said, “As far as I know, there was no show for half a million dollars – I disagree with Mr. Hunter’s statements.”

Judge Katz didn’t entertain either party’s arguments. He told them that no one would want to settle without all the information being provided, which Morrissey had neglected to do.

“I don’t know anything about that, but it seems to be that you have the consent of [Wendy] to get this resolved, and if Mr. Hunter was only offered two months of statements, it behooves him to know what’s out there and to give what’s been asked,” Judge Katz concluded.

They are expected to return to court in the next few weeks. However, a new judge will preside over the matter because Judge Michael Katz is retiring.

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