Kyle Richards Lawyers Up Against Mauricio Umansky In Divorce

Kyle Richards from Instagram

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans who held out hope for Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky probably shouldn’t hold their breath any longer. Reports indicate that Kyle has lawyered up and opted to move forward with ending her marriage.

Although ending a once-happy marriage is often sad, most fans aren’t entirely surprised. For quite some time, they’ve seen the writing on the wall of Kyle and Mauricio. After RHOBH Season 13 wrapped up as well as Mauricio’s Dancing With The Stars appearance, it seemed like the couple was in worse shape than ever before.

Now that Buying Beverly Hills is back on Netflix, fans will continue to watch their marriage crumble. Ultimately, it seems like a matter of time now before the marriage is officially over and done with.

Kyle Richards Recently Hired Divorce Lawyers

Living such a public life definitely has its drawbacks. Bravo star Kyle Richards shared during the Season 13 reunion that tabloid rumors about Mauricio’s affairs made her insecure about their marriage.

Fans know there’s definitely more to the story, but it seems like Kyle has decided to move on with her life.

Kyle Richards from Instagram
Kyle Richards/Instagram

Amid the ongoing marital chaos, a source close to the couple reportedly shed light on the situation and Kyle’s decision to lawyer up.

“Kyle finally pulled the trigger, and hasn’t looked back,” the source reportedly told Life & Style. “She needed to move on.”

“Kathy and her husband, [Rick Hilton], have carried a lot of animosity toward Mauricio,” the source continued. “There will be some real healing happening in Kyle and Kathy’s relationship with Mauricio finally out of the picture.”


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The source also alleges that Mauricio had a “breakdown” at work due to the stress of the divorce proceedings and may not actually end the marriage quietly, as Kyle would prefer.

“He doesn’t want the divorce. He would love to stop it, but he knows that might not be possible at this point,” the source shared.

Sophia Umansky Says Her Parents Didn’t Try To Save The Marriage

Buying Beverly Hills Season 2 covers a significant portion of the breakup drama. Onscreen, Sophia Umansky gets frustrated with her parents and accuses them of letting their marriage crumble.

“You weren’t doing anything about it. Don’t sit here and say you did so much. You didn’t,” she told them. “You guys didn’t do anything.”

It seems that her sisters largely seemed to agree. In time, fans will likely know more about the family’s feelings regarding the breakup.

What do you think about Kyle Richards’ decision to hire divorce lawyers? How do you think Mauricio Umansky reacted when he found out? Share what you think in the comments.

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