Kyle Richards Gets Overhaul, Shocks With Naked-Faced Selfie

Kyle Richards-Instagram

RHOBH star Kyle Richards recently got an overhaul and has shocked with a naked face selfie. She is not always dolled up on camera or in photos but she is used to glam. Yet, she had just undergone some procedures so to show them off, the mother of four went completely barefaced. What were the reactions? Keep reading for more details.

Kyle Richards Gets Overhaul, Shocks With Naked-Faced Selfie

In the last year, Kyle Richards’ life has dramatically changed. She was the subject of cheating rumors between herself and country singer, Morgan Wade. Shortly thereafter, it came out that Kyle and her husband of nearly thirty years, Mauricio Umansky had separated. They refuted this as long as they could but did note they had experienced the hardest year of their marriage. The struggles that they had faced were filmed for Season 13 of RHOBH with cameras picking back up after the split announcement to capture the aftermath. When the reunion rolled around, Kyle revealed that Mauricio was now looking for his own place and she was visibly struggling.

Kyle Richards-YouTube
Kyle Richards-YouTube

Yet, all throughout the season, Kyle’s co-stars were fixated on her lifestyle changes and how much she had changed. She stopped drinking and was working out every day. Her body was insane and she looked phenomenal, sometimes she appeared she was pushing it too far. Now, Kyle has undergone two facial procedures so she went all-natural to show off the work. She showed off the results on Instagram, sharing this:

“I’m sharing this make up free photo because I wanted to share that I finally got the courage to go see @mehringlam to micro blade the parts of my eyebrows that I like to fill in AND I also did lip blushing 👄 .”

Kyle Richards did note that her daughter, Portia Umansky contoured her nose so she was keeping that.

Followers immediately chimed in with their thoughts and it was a very mixed bag:

  • You look better with makep
  • Too dark, needed to be a shade or two lighter
  • If I looked like that without makeup, I’d never wear it. Beautiful.
  • Natural looks amazing on you ❤️
  • So….then none of this is real or make up free. Geeze.

Past Procedures

Kyle Richards is no stranger to alterations. She has had two nose jobs, one of which was documented on RHOBH after an incident on the Halloween set. Kyle was thrilled because it took years off of her face according to her doctor. Additionally, she underwent a breast reduction so she is all for a little refresh. However, as some fans noted, the photo she shared was not makeup-free as she did have lip blush, eyebrows, and a nose contour. Still, many felt she looked absolutely amazing.

What do you think of Kyle’s new refreshed look? Are you hopeful she will return for Season 14? Let us know in the comments below.

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