Did Farrah Brittany See Kyle Richards’ Split Coming?

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Farrah Brittany caught wind of rumors that her mother Kyle Richards and her mother’s husband Mauricio Umansky were having martial issues long before news broke the two were separating. For months, however, the 34-year-old brushed off the rumors as she didn’t believe there was a chance there could be any truth to them.

Did Farrah Brittany See Kyle Richards’ Split Coming?

According to Page Six, Farrah Brittany sat down with the outlet in April of this year to discuss the swirling rumors that Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky were having trouble in paradise. Kyle’s daughter was pretty quick to shut it down and brush it off as nothing more than stories from bored people who had nothing better to do than stir drama that wasn’t there.

This is what always happens. People are going to find something and try to make it into a story. And I feel like at this point, we’ve already been through so much. I mean, who cares?”

Turns out, Page Six also caught up with her mother Kyle Richards at the same event they interviewed Brittany at. Kyle also addressed rumors she was having problems with her man.

While filming for Season 13 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle told Page Six she had several co-stars speculating how good her marriage was because of a “stupid picture” that was making rounds and causing problems.

What Was This ‘Stupid Picture’ She Spoke Of?

Turns out, a while back, there was a photo of Kyle Richards snapped that featured her not wearing her wedding ring. This photo caused multiple outlets to run with speculation she was having issues with Mauricio Umansky and that’s why she wasn’t wearing her ring.

At the time, Kyle did explain the reason she wasn’t wearing the ring was “two-fold.” For starters, she explained she was in an area that experienced high crime lately. And, she just didn’t feel comfortable walking around outside with that giant rock on her finger. Moreover, she had also just hit the gym when the “stupid photo” was snapped. And, there was no way she was working out with her huge ring on her finger.

She explained: “A, I haven’t been wearing my big diamond ring, because there’s a lot of crime these days and I’m like, ‘I’m not comfortable,. And B, I had just come from the gym lifting weights, so I was like, ‘That thing sparked that?’ I don’t know.”

Overall, Kyle Richards’ daughter Farrah Brittany was quick to shut down split rumors on her mother’s behalf. Likewise, Kyle was quick to write off the “stupid picture” as a ridiculous reason for split rumors to make rounds.

Many Bravo fans wonder what Farrah Brittany might have to say now that Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky have separated.

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