Todd Chrisley Appeals Massive Lawsuit Loss

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Recently, the former patriarch of Chrisley Knows Best, Todd Chrisley lost a lawsuit and now he’s appealing the hefty settlement. His lawyer seems confident that they have the grounds for it. The financial setback came just three months after he won a lawsuit against the state of Georgia.

Todd Chrisley Won But Then Lost

In January, a settlement of $1 million was ordered after their case against Joshua Waites. He’s the former Director of Special Investigations of Georgia’s Department of Revenue, (GDOR.) While it was a big win for the dad of Savannah Chrisley, the new lawsuit finding means that he won’t have much of that money left over.

Todd Chrisley - Julie Chrisley - YouTube
Todd Chrisley – Julie Chrisley – YouTube

Although Todd Chrisley won the Joshua Waites case, another employee who works in the investigations department successfully sued him. In 2021, Amy Doherty-Heinze filed for defamation after Todd ranted on social media about her and others. Additionally, she filed another lawsuit in 2022, because he accused her of wrongdoing. Notably, she claimed that she never worked on the Chrisley investigation. Now, Julie’s husband needs to find $755,000 which includes costs.

Appealing The Lawsuit By Amy Doherty-Heinze

Amy is set to receive $350,000.00 and the former Chrisley Knows Best star has to find $170,000 in punitive damages and $235,000 for costs. On April 10, E Online reported that attorney Leesa Guarnotta noted that the “jury did not fully rule in favor of Doherty-Heinze.” So, she intends to appeal the findings.

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Todd Chrisley, his attorney claims, should never have had the case “make it to trial in the first place.” The outlet cited People as saying that Leesa Guarnotta felt happy that the jury noticed that not all of his “statements” were “defamatory.”

We are concerned about the state of the First Amendment where such a case could make it to trial in the first place, [and] pleased the jury recognized that some of Mr. Chrisley’s statements were not defamatory and awarded the plaintiff a fourth of the damages she requested.

The appeal news arrived just a week shy of Todd and Julie Chrisley’s oral arguments appeal against their conviction for tax and fraud-related offenses. Part of the grounds for appeal relates to another person in the Revenue Department who allegedly made the jury think he was guilty of not paying his taxes. It also includes an alleged unlawful search. Actually, the appeal might go well for Julie and her husband as oral arguments are rarely granted.

What do you think about the forthcoming appeal against the court ruling that found him guilty of defamation? Do you think it will make any difference? Or, is Todd Chrisley just stalling for time? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Chrisley Knows Best family news. 

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