Josh Waites Breaks Silence: Todd Chrisley Is ‘Where He Belongs’

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Josh Waites is breaking his silence as Todd and Julie Chrisley collectively serve 19 years in their respective federal prison. Who is he? Why does his name sound familiar? What does he have to say about the Chrisley family? Keep reading for the details.

Wait, Who Is He?

Todd and Julie Chrisley were first indicted in August of 2019 for tax evasion and bank fraud. A few months later, in October of the same year, Todd and his wife filed a lawsuit against Joshua Waites. As Daily Mail reminds us, Josh Waites was the director of the Georgia Department of Revenue’s office of special investigations at the time. Todd and his wife Julie claimed that Josh was abusing his power and position with the Georgia Department of Revenue for the purpose of “bogus tax evasion claims.”

With Todd and Julie Chrisley not only found guilty but doing pretty extensive time behind bars, Joshua is breaking his silence. Telling his side of the story. His truth.

Todd Chrisley Youtube
Todd Chrisley Youtube

Josh Waites Breaks Silence: Todd Chrisley Is “Where He Belongs”

Taking to Facebook (and tagging his wife), Josh explained that a lot of people had reached out to him the week that Todd and Julie Chrisley officially reported to their respective federal prisons. He described the moment as “exciting.” Josh proceeded to clarify this was the first time he had ever broken his silence and spoken out about the details of what Todd Chrisley did to Josh and his family.

For the next 5.5 years Todd and Julie along with a team of lawyers have sued me, attempted to have me arrested, made podcasts, instagram and Facebook posts about me, my family, and my co-workers even going so far as to post a picture of me and my daughter claiming I stole millions of dollars of tax payer money.

Josh noted that all of this happened while Todd and Julie were facing as much as 30 years () behind bars for bank fraud and tax evasion. He continued: “This is what he has done for years, being involved in dozens of lawsuits over the years, his plan is always to attack and lie in an attempt to intimidate.”

Joshua Waites firmly believes Todd Chrisley was under the impression that attacking Josh would serve as a smokescreen that only helped his own federal case. Ultimately, however, he was wrong.

Toward the end of his lengthy statement, Josh noted that he did not think Todd Chrisley was a very good man. Moreover, he believed he was right where he served to be: In a federal prison.

For those of you that know me, knew this was not true. While they cost me a lot they have not taken away my friends, my family or the people I care about. In the last few years everything he has said has been proven false, and he is right where he belongs, In prison for 12 years and Julie for 7, ending decades of fraud by a morally bankrupt couple.

Check out his full statement in the Facebook post down below:

Do you agree with Joshua Waites that Todd Chrisley and his wife Julie are right where they belong? Are you surprised to learn what Todd did to this family in an alleged attempt to smokescreen his own crimes? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley news.

Allie Johnson


    1. Todd always has been sneaky. Alway a loud mouth. He has his kids so ignorant that they believe ever word he says. This guy even shafted his kids with his lies. He is a want-a-be and yes he belongs where he is at. He should have been sent to a prison without the privileges he has.

      1. Todd and slut Julie are crooks end of story. I meet Todd just once and told my wife this guy is scary. Todd jumped all over the place trying to convince me he was a big real estate tycoon. He was exposed as soon as I started asking questions about his so-called experience. I told Todd to his face he should stop playing something he was not I have almost thirty years of real estate experience and he had not one. He and poor little money hiding Savannah preach the lord now. Give me a break Todd pushed her sex on anyone to make a crooked dime.
        Todd and Julie will serve out every day so dream on no appeal is coming for these two sick crooks. Todd is a dumbass he tried so hard to impress everyone in the restaurant with a big wad of a couple of hundred dollar. I told him looks like a few hundred-dollar bills wrapped around a wad of one dollar bills I told him to fan it out. He just got so pissed and told me I was an idiot. Todd tried to get the manager to pay for his meal. Acted like they were best buddies nice that didn’t work. Todd was so low as to ask others if anyone wanted his autograph. No one wanted anything to do with this loudmouth trash. Todd and Julie, I wish Alcatraz was open just for two old looking crooks like the two of you.

    2. Why do you say this DJ? What are you basing your comment on? Do you know that the shadiest Government Agency is the IRS? Many people have been trying to get them shut down. Unless you have a lot of money, chances are you will never be a victim of their horrible practices. When I turned 30, in 2022, I inherited the full amount of my trust. Immediately, I started to receive notices from the IRS for issues I knew nothing about. My attorneys did intervene to find out what was going on. In the meantime, I took all my money (100 million +) and moved to an all cash position. The IRS could not find my money if they looked under every rock and behind every door. Everyone should learn how to beat them at their own game. Open many different LLC’s and move your money into various shell companies. I am doing nothing wrong, but will never pay one cent more than I am supposed to.

  1. I think as a professional he should just be quiet. By doing interviews it make me feel this is personal against the Christkys and not just him doing his job. I feel like now he is picking.

  2. Why is he talking now. A COWARD to talk when they are behind bars. He should have done when it took place. Just shows a Scared LIAR!!

  3. I do believe Joshua abused his power as an IRS agent and I do believe he had a vendetta against Julie and Todd and took it to the fullest extent of the law having them arrested and in prisoned when that’s where he should be as well. I don’t believe for a minute that Julie and Todd are where they belong. I think they should be home with their families pay restitution if owed and move on nothing is served by spending a day in prison for crimes like this if they were committed at all. I think he’s taking advantage of Todd and Julie talking about them while they’re in prison which is very poor lack of judgment as a professional.

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