Savannah Chrisley Begs Fans To Show Up For Appeals Hearing

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Chrisley Knows Best critics mock Savannah Chrisley who fights hard for her mom and dad, Todd and Julie Chrisley’s appeal. However, there are plenty of loyal fans who support the family. So she called on them to attend the hearing scheduled for April. Initially, it was pushed back to April 15, and now, it looks like it will happen on April 19.

Savannah Chrisley Supports Her Mom And Dad’s Appeal

While it seems that a lot of people enjoy themselves snarking and giggling about Todd and Julie’s prison sentences, it seems that they have a very good chance of a successful appeal. Most Chrisley Knows Best fans are aware that one point raised for the appeal involved an unlawful search. So, critics assume that the family hopes to get their parents out on a technicality.

Explaining the Chrisley's appeal - Reddit
Explaining the Chrisley’s appeal – Reddit

Notably, the claim of an unlawful search is very significant and in fact, the chances of being granted an appeal to have oral arguments is extremely rare. Savannah Chrisley’s mom and dad were exonerated in a case brought against them by the state of Georgia. During their trial, that wasn’t made clear to the jury, and an allegedly incorrect statement by an IRS officer could have influenced the guilty verdict. Did you know the couple won a settlement of $1 million in Georgia?

Chrisley Knows Best Fans Asked To Step Up?

Todd and Julie’s son, Chase shared his sister’s appeal via her Unlocked podcast screenshot for show fans to sit in on the hearing.


Savannah Chrisley - Open Court Invite - Via Reddit
Chase – Savannah Chrisley – Open Court Invite – Via Reddit

Soon, the invite by Savannah Chrisley for fans to join them during the hearing made its way to Reddit. The poster noted that the date seemed to have changed for the hearing.

Appeals Hearing date change.

Most of the comments were nasty, but not everyone is a trained attorney. Opinions are allowed, but some people reasoned that a whole bunch of onlookers in court might annoy the judges.

  • That would not work in your favor having random strangers fill the courtroom. The judges would not care and honestly find it annoying.

Savannah Chrisley and lawyer Alex Little discussed the grounds for the appeal on the Unlocked podcast a few days ago. If you’d like to find out the details based on the defense, it might be worth your time listening to it.

What are your thoughts about Savannah Chrisley asking loyal fans to attend the hearing for Todd and Julie on April 19? Do you think it will help sway the judge? Or. might it actually go against them and annoy the decision-makers? Have your say in the comments below, and come back here for all your Chrisley Knows Best family news.

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