Todd Chrisley Loses Lawsuit While Behind Bars

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Although Todd Chrisley is behind bars, money matters continue outside the walls of Pensacola FCI, and he just lost a lawsuit. Fans wondered if the profits from the sale of his Tennessee house would go towards the fines he owed along with his prison sentence. If it didn’t, it might need to go towards the lawsuit that he lost. Keep reading to find out more.

Todd Chrisley Is No Stranger To Lawsuits

Before he ended up behind bars, Savannah’s dad often threatened lawsuits. In fact, he didn’t fear tackling those who wronged him. If he felt that he had an issue with anyone, he would sometimes go on his old Chrisley Confessions podcast and slam them. One of those people was his old enemy Josh Waites, the former director of the Georgia Department of Revenue’s Office of Special Investigations. Recently, he won a settlement for that but his glory moment is probably over now.

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Todd Chrisley angered Amy Doherty-Heinze as well. She was an investigator in the Georgia case. In October of 2022, she filed a lawsuit against the former Chrisley Knows Best Best star. At the time, she alleged that he defamed her on his podcast. Plus, she was upset because she felt that he falsely accused her of criminal conduct. Plus, she filed another lawsuit in 2021. Finally, news arrived that he just lost the case.

Chrisley Knows Best Star Loses Lawsuit

Yahoo carried a story by WSB-TV2 which reported that Amy Hoherty-Heinze was found in favor of the jury and that means Todd needs to find a lot of money. The outlet wrote:

On Thursday, a federal jury said Chrisley was responsible for one count of libel and one count of slander. The jury then awarded Doherty-Heinze compensatory damages of $350,000 plus punitive damages of $170,000, as well as attorney’s fees, totaling to about $755,000 in overall damages.

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Of course, that news soon arrived on the Reddit platform, where the OP said, “Chrisley LOSES, again!!
Do we think he will ever learn to keep his big mouth shut?! I couldn’t be happier for Ms. Doherty!!

In the comments, people felt that Todd Chrisley needs to get used to losing. Here are some of their opinions expressed in the discussion:

  • There goes the settlement the fu–ker got from the state of Georgia.
  • This is a preview of what the Chrisleys will get with their appeal in front of the 11th Circuit.
  • That little piece of sh*t is getting on the Karma train and it ain’t gonna stop till it runs out of track. Enjoy the next ten years behind bars you useless loser.

What are your thoughts about Amy Doherty-Heinze winning her defamation case against Todd Chrisley? Do you think that a bad outcome will also come with his appeal? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Chrisley Knows Best news. 

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