‘LPBW’ Did Molly Roloff Have A Baby?

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Little People, Big World alum Molly Roloff, 31, left the show as soon as she was able, and she keeps her life private, but TLC fans think she might have had a baby. Why is that? After all, as far as fans know, she and her husband, Joel Silvius do not have kids and enjoy busy careers.

Little People, Big World Fans Hear About Molly Roloff Occasionally

Usually, news about Amy and Matt Roloff’s only daughter comes when they catch up with the family in Oregon. She attended Whitworth University and married Joel in 2017. As far as TLC fans know, she still lives in Washington and works for Nordstrom and Side by Side Spokane.

Molly Roloff
Amy and Molly Roloff – Instagram

Molly Roloff’s three brothers all have kids. LPBW stars Zach and Tori had three children, Jackson, Lilah, and Josiah. Meanwhile, Audrey and Jeremy raise Ember, Bode, and Radley, with another baby on the way. Then, Isabel and Jacob welcomed Mateo in December 2021. That makes a total of seven grandchildren for Matt Roloff and an eighth on the way.

Matt Roloff Makes LPBW Fans Wonder If Molly Had A Baby

On Reddit, a Little People, Big World fan noticed that Matt Roloff talked about how many grandchildren visit him in Oregon. It came in the finale LPBW episode of Season 25. The OP wrote in the caption:

Did Molly have a baby? I was just watching the most recent episode and during Matt’s lunch with Caryn he said he has five grandkids who visit him regularly at the farm, and that Zach and Tori’s kids don’t visit. So I wonder if Molly had a baby with no announcement? (Or I missed the announcement, lol.)

Joel Silvius and Molly Roloff - Amy Roloff Instagram
Joel Silvius and Molly Roloff – Amy Roloff Instagram

In the comments section, TLC fans decided that Molly Roloff never had a baby. It wasn’t a miscount, either. If you remove Zach’s three kids, then there are only four, and not five grandchildren who visit the LPBW farm. But, there is another child in the area:

  • Caryn has a grandson from her son Conner, named Liam.
  • Don’t think Molly had a baby. I think Matt either miscounted or was including Liam, Caryn’s grandson, in the group.
  • They have shown Caryn’s grandson in a few recent episodes. I almost think it’s purely for content of cute kids and to try to show what a great grandma Caryn is. 🙄

Matt Roloff Mentioned Molly And Liam on Facebook

After the last episode aired, the Little People, Big World patriarch took to his Facebook and gave a huge update. Talking about Molly, he said, “Molly loves her private life up in Spokane but we still see her often…Sometimes Caryn and I fly up to northern WA for a weekend visit and often her and Joel come stay either at the big house or at my new house.” He didn’t even hint that they have a baby. However, he did mention Liam.

Talking about the grandchildren, he said that Jacob’s son, Mateo enjoys farm life.

Mateo and Liam (Caryn’s grandson) are very best friends and play and adventure together on the farm frequently.

Do you agree that the eighth grandchild Matt Roloff mentioned must be Caryn’s grandson, Liam, rather than a baby by Molly Roloff?  Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Little People, Big World news.

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