The Real Reason Theresa Caputo Keeps Her Giant Hairstyle

Theresa Caputo's Son Larry Sparks Engagement Rumors [TLC | YouTube]

There might be more stories about Long Island Medium alum, Theresa Caputo’s hairstyle than there are about her shows. Jokes aside, Lifetime and TLC fans think they know why she keeps it. Read on to find out more from Raising Spirits fans shaking their heads over her giant mountain of hair.

Theresa Caputo Can’t Even Wear A Hat On Her Hair

The former TLC star wears her hair so big, that she panicked in London because she needed a hat for a High Tea reading. Perhaps she has a custom-made hat at home that slips over her mountainous hairstyle. The self-declared spirit medium continues to keep her hair big, even if she changes the style very slightly.

Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo Shocks With Fresh Hairstyle [Credit: TLC/YouTube]
Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo – TLC – YouTube
When Long Island Medium alum, Theresa Caputo landed her new Lifetime show called Raising Spirits, fans thought they might see a new person with a new style. Well, she had a new style. But it was still big hair. In fairness to her, she’s not the only person in the world who loves those over-the-top styles from the 1980s. One of the contestants on Wheel of Fortune recently surprised Pat Sajak with her huge style.

Raising Spirits Star Appears On The Tamron Hall Show

TLC and Lifetime fans saw that the Tamron Hall Show shared a short teaser on Instagram for an episode ahead of Mother’s Day. In it, fans saw that the Long Island Medium star’s signature hairstyle seemed as big as ever. Actually, side-on it looked massive! As you can imagine, fans reacted to that.

Theresa Caputo - The Tamron Hall Show - Instagram
Theresa Caputo – The Tamron Hall Show – Instagram

In the caption about the Long Island Medium alum, the admin wrote:

@theresacaputo stops by the Tam Fam. We’re talking about her new series, “Theresa Caputo: Raising Spirits” and docuseries “Behind the Readings.”

Some people spoke about the spirit medium side of the post. However, others discussed her hair.

The Real Reason For All Of That Hair?

Tamron Hall’s fans focused on the hairstyle, and they think they found out why she keeps it so long. On Instagram, a fan asked, “Can her hair get any bigger?” Meanwhile, a day after that, Lifetime shared a YouTube video from Raising Spirits, and over there, more people commented about her hair. Here are some of their thoughts:

  • She needs a hair makeover that isn’t ginormous, and a wardrobe makeover too!
  • attention-seeking hair can’t miss her in a mile!
  • I’m sorry… her hair is a tad overboard!
  • I can’t take the hair.
  • [Y]our hair is TOOOO much dear Be yourself That exageru hair doesn’t make you more BEAUTY Than You Already Are …Ok? I love my long wavy grey (sic) hair So No
    I’m not envious zero.

What are your thoughts about Theresa Caputo keeping her giant hairstyle that seems very odd to many people? Do you think she might just flaunt her giant mountain of hair because she wants attention? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Raising Spirits news.

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  1. This woman is an absolute scam. She’s been proven to be nothing but a LIAR. Why is anyone listening to her garbage?

  2. don’t know her reasons for that terrible high hair even when that teasing high. style wasn’t ever that heidious

    1. She has the right to wear her hair however she wants just like the rest of us. If you are into the show you don’t really notice it after awhile.

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