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‘LPBW’: Molly Roloff Surfaces In Rare Photo With Father, Matt

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Matt Roloff standing next to his beautiful daughter Molly isn’t a sight Little People, Big World fans get to see very often. So, LPBW fans were pleasantly surprised when Molly surfaced in a rare photo with her father on Instagram. As fans know, Molly is a grown and married woman these days. She, however, decided to leave the show and had no interest in soaking in the spotlight of being attached to a reality TV family.

Sadly, fans really don’t know that much about Molly Roloff and her husband, Joel Silvius. Unlike all of Matt Roloff’s other children, Molly elected not to benefit residually from being related to LPBW stars. Instead, she opted for a private life far from the spotlight. So, it isn’t too surprising that a rare photo of her on Amy or Matt’s profile often whips TLC viewers into a frenzy. Fans love Molly Roloff. They want to respect her privacy and her choices, but they also yearn to see more of her.

What brought Matt Roloff and his daughter Molly together for this rare snapshot?

Matt Roloff
Matt Roloff Instagram

Matt Roloff dropped in for a visit with his daughter, Molly

According to Matt Roloff’s Instagram update, he dropped in for a morning visit with his beautiful daughter Molly and her husband Joel. Sadly, Molly’s husband was NOT featured in the rare photo with her father. As mentioned previously, Matt traveled this weekend to attend a big LP convention. Both Matt and his ex-wife Amy were regulars at LP conventions. Both Matt and his gorgeous daughter had huge smiles on their faces as they posed for a rare photo together.

The photo was flooded with a lot of love. LPBW fans were glad to see Molly. They thought she looked wonderful. Fans seized the opportunity to ask tons of questions regarding her. Unsurprisingly, there wasn’t too much of a response from the family toward any of the questions.

Matt Roloff - Instagram
Matt Roloff – Instagram

As anyone who followers various TLC families that happen to be members of the LP community knows, there is a convention that took place this weekend. Members of both the Roloff family and the Johnston family attended the convention. Matt Roloff and Trent Johnston were even spotted hanging out together! Sadly, it did not appear as if The Little Couple family attended the convention as well. Jen Arnold actually posted several videos showing off a little Independence Day road trip her family decided to take instead.

Did it surprise you to see Molly Roloff hanging out with her father? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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