Savannah Chrisley Gets Ripped For Hypocrisy Post

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Chrisley Knows Best alum, Savannah Chrisley got ripped by fans when she posted about accountability as it seemed like hypocrisy. She spends a lot of time declaring Julie and Todd Chrisley’s innocence, considering there was a huge amount of evidence used to convict them of fraud and tax offenses.

Savannah Chrisley Keeps Her Head Up

It can’t be easy being for Todd and Julie’s family members. Most people would feel massively embarrassed if their parents went to prison, Especially as they profess to be big Christians. However, it seems that adult children, Savannah and Chase won’t lower their eyes in shame. The only one who looks uncomfortable about it is Grayson. He’s also the least vocal.

Grayson Chrisley Youtube
Grayson Chrisley – Youtube

Savannah Chrisley keeps her head up and fights back. She fights for better prison conditions, and she fights for her parents to come home. However, the more she fights, the less Chrisley Knows Best critics like her. Mostly, they’d like to see remorse from Todd Chrisley’s family. However, as they blame the court, IRS employees, and a former business manager, it might be a long wait for a “sorry” to escape their lips.

Chrisley Knows Best Critics Rip Hypocrisy

While many fans of the canceled show stand with Todd and Julie and their family, a forum on Reddit attracts those who believe that the court made the right decision. For them, the mountain of evidence during the trial proved that Todd and Julie Chrisley were guilty of fraud and tax offenses. So, they hate that they don’t take accountability for their crimes. After  Savannah posted about accountability on Instagram, a screenshot arrived, and she was ripped for hypocrisy. The OP said:

You can’t make this $hit up! Savannah seriously posted this on her stories🤣🤣I CANNOT with this moron!

Savannah Chrisley Gets Ripped Via Reddit
Savannah Chrisley Gets Ripped Via Reddit

Members of the forum tore into Savannah Chrisley in the discussion that followed:

  • Trash family, they haven’t even taken any accountability for their numerous crimes. Just whining about how prison is sooo hard and “corrupt”! 🤡😂
  • Amazing the hypocrisy…taking accountability is attractive.. LOL I just cant with her LOL maybe this is why her outside is soooooooo UN-attractive now downright ugly these days.
  • What is mind blowing to me is that if Savannah actually acknowledged her parents wrong doings she would have SO much support from the public. The fact she claims their “innocence” despite the mounds of evidence against them sours many people towards her.
  • I wonder if she’ll ever realize how f’ed up she is due to her narcissist dad…sad thing is she’s just like him.

What are your thoughts about Savannah Chrisley posting about accountability? Do you agree that it all seems a bit rich coming from her family? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Chrisley Knows Best news.

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  1. Her parents taught her well, especially her dad Todd. To look the other ways, Savanna knows what her Mom and Dad was doing and did is wrong, but will never admit it.
    Savanna know where the money is buried that her parents stole from those bank loans.
    Do not let her pretty face fool you.

  2. Savannah needs to come to reality that her parents were committing crimes by falsifying documents & bank records just to live the high-life while it lasted.
    come back down to reality Savannah and acknowledge that your parents did do the crime, thus pay the time & fines.
    the most astonishing fact is that Julie always played to “christan” person on television, when all along Julie was helping todd commit crimes. I wonder is Julie’s dad (Baptist pastor) was absolutely livid when he found out his daughter was going down with her husband?!
    Julie and Todd emotionally and physically ruined all 4 kids near future lives. missing out on future birthday, graduation, proms, weddings, grand babies, games, school functions, all because they wanted to be greedy.
    enough said Savannah

  3. yes, I agree God’s always with people not only when n trouble. you dowrong u pay. They knew what they were doing. She doesnt like America not supporting her & feeling sorry 4 her taking care of the younger ones. Interferes with her getting someone to take care of her.

  4. The Chrisley Family are NO better than anybody else. If these crimes were committed by a regular non famous couple they would be convicted and have to serve their time in prison. These fools have already had the sentences lessened since they were convicted. You do the crime then you should do the time.

  5. Ok….so, they found them guilty. Alright, sentence and fine them like any other individuals. I agree that they have to pay for their crimes. However, the amount of time that these two are serving….???….there are convicted murders that do less time. That is the system for you, though. It definitely needs some change!

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