Savannah Chrisley Revealed Parents Feelings After Appeal

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Savannah Chrisley recently revealed how her parents felt after they heard the appeal. Julie and Todd Chrisley are in federal prison for fraud and tax evasion. It has taken a toll on their children. Savannah has taken in her younger siblings, Grayson and Chloe. She has also been advocating for her parents as much as she can. However, they just had an appeal hearing and gave their opinions after hearing it from their prison cells.

Appeal Hearing Arguments

During the appeal hearing there were arguments for both sides. 

“First, the issue that was discussed that came out in the redirect and then the re-cross of Officer Betty Carter was whether the Chrisleys had paid taxes in the post-conspiracy period, now, the district court below confirmed that that would have a potential prejudicial effect on the defendants leading the jury to believe that they had not paid their taxes, that they weren’t interested in paying taxes, that they were untruth type of person who could commit fraud charged in the other acts. That effect spills over not just to the tax charges but to all of the fraud charges in this case.”

However, the arguing team did fight back.

“the evidence was overwhelming at trial that the Chrisleys had taken a number of steps to evade the IRS and they conspired to evade the IRS. So yes, if there are credible allegations and some evidence proffered about any sort of government misconduct a hearing should be had. That’s simply not what we have in this case,”

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Instagram/Todd Chrisley

Savannah Chrisley Reveals How They Are Feeling

Savannah Chrisley revealed how her parents felt after the hearing. 

“They listened in on the appeal, they listened to the arguments and now they’re back, just sitting there and hoping for change, hoping for something different, hoping for a different outcome,”

All they can do is hope and stay positive during this time. However, it does not seem like they will be out anytime soon.

Todd & Julie Chrisley - YouTube/Chrisley Knows Best
YouTube/Chrisley Knows Best

It seems they are in a waiting game. Todd and Julie Chrisley are trying and waiting to get out of prison. Savannah is trying her best to bring light to their case and get them out as well. Their son, Grayson, has been struggling with his parents missing out on his senior year of high school. The Chrisleys are trying their best to stay positive throughout this journey. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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