Todd & Julie Chrisley Shell-Shocked By Guilty Verdict

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Chrisley Knows Best stars Todd & Julie Chrisley were shell-shocked by guilty verdict. How are they dealing with possible prison time? Keep reading for all the details.

Chrisley Knows Best stars close ranks

For the most part, the Chrisley family has kept quiet in the days after Todd and Julie’s shocking guilty verdict. The affluent reality stars went to trial last month on charges of tax evasion and bank fraud.

After three weeks of testimony, they were found guilty on Tuesday, June 7. They are currently on home confinement, unable to leave their home.

Amid the legal hardships, the family seems to be closing ranks. The couple’s daughter Savannah was spotted delivering food.

Monsters & Critics reports that Savannah’s ex-fiance Nic Kerdiles stopped by Todd and Julie’s Nashville home to offer support. Fans may recall how the Chrisley family stood by Kerdiles during his mental health crisis earlier this year.

Chase Chrisley was also on food delivery. He was spotted dropping off groceries for his parents.

Todd & Julie Chrisley shell shocked by guilty verdict

Todd and Julie Chrisley may not have spoken to the press directly since their verdict. However, shortly after the jury’s decision, the couple’s lawyer shared plans to appeal.

Now sources close to the family are giving insight into Todd and his wife’s mindset. According to an insider, the Chrisley Knows Best stars are in limbo until their October sentencing hearing.

“Any future planning in Todd and Julie’s life is pretty much on pause until they learn of the sentencing in the fall,” the source told Us Weekly.

Furthermore, the reality stars didn’t expect a guilty verdict.

A man and a woman sitting on a couch
Todd and Julie Chrisley/Credit: Chrisley Knows Best YouTube

Chrisley Knows Best is among the highest-rated shows on the USA Network. It’s so popular that it was renewed for Season 10 shortly before the trial started in May.

The network has yet to reveal if they will still go ahead with a new season. However, they are continuing plans to air the remaining new episodes of Season 9 as scheduled starting June 23.

Todd and Julie’s reality TV careers are also on pause. In addition to their flagship show, Todd was slated to host a dating show on E! called Love Limo.

“No one knows what’s going to happen or what to do at this stage,” the family insider revealed about Chrisley Knows Best and Love Limo.

Us Weekly further revealed that Season 10 hasn’t started filming yet. Could they film while under house arrest? Not likely.

“Them being in home confinement puts a huge wedge between filming anything outside of their home,” the insider said about the idea.

Where Lindsie Chrisley stands with her father now

Perhaps one silver lining to the trial and outcome is the status of Todd’s relationship with his daughter from a previous marriage. The outspoken television personality has been feuding with estranged daughter, Lindsie, for years.

However, she testified for the defense during the trial. It seems their relationship is at least civil now.

Does it surprise you that Todd & Julie Chrisley are shell-shocked following their guilty verdict? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time,obviously they think they are better than ordinary people…and because they are “celebrities”,nothing will happen to them….

  2. I believe they are innocent! Mark maddock should be the one found guilty! Just want Todd and Julie to know that ! I’m sure they are shell shocked over the guilty verdict! Love you guys❤️🙏

  3. I love the Chrisley family. They have made me smile when I didn’t feel like laughing.
    I have no hard feelings or any negativity toward them. I am praying for them.
    Children of God do not judge.

  4. Todd is such a liar & you see it constantly on the show. I feel bad for Julie but she needs to stop being so naive & now she will go to jail because of her liar husband.Todd will be right @ home in jail. He can now be gay all day for the stay. I believe he had an affair.
    Tom Ford doesn’t make orange jumpsuits.

  5. I Pray every night that things go good on their behalf. They are really good people and has the only decent reality show on tv.
    💕🙏🏼Love and Prayers To The Whole Family.

  6. I think Todd Julie. And all the family are beautiful and loving and I stand behind them al blessings love & light

  7. Wouldn’t it make more sense to keep them on house arrest and take large payments from their income for restitution. That way the money is paid back. Grayson and Chloe have someone to watch them & there for Fay. Make them sell their home and live in low income home & do charity. That would be interesting to watch to see how they handle being broke & do charity jobs they don’t want to do. If they don’t they go to jail. To me I think this would be enough punishment, the money they earn pays back the bank & government they cheated. Plus helps two young children keep their parent & patient figure. Plus helps Todd’s mother. If they can keep up payments or perform duties assigned by charities than they go to jail. This would mean no more Botox, shopping, or luxury items for Todd or Julie. On house arrest unless working charty.

  8. For those of you who think Todd & Julie are innocent don’t be so naive. They were convicted in a Court of Law by irrefutable evidence. We don’t know what it was but I think it would have been so convincing if a jury found them guilty. Whether they are good people or not, they stole from a bank & tried to cheat the Govt. It was really plain stupid to try to not pay taxes. They broke a couple of the Ten Commandments & for that they need to go to jail.

  9. These are the type people who believe law applies to everyone else except them. Guess what — every once in a while, the law gets it right. I want that tax money so the rest of us do not have to cover them.

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