Todd Chrisley Spotted For First Time Following Guilty Verdict

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Chrisley Knows Best star Todd Chrisley was spotted for the first time since his guilty verdict. How is he dealing with house arrest? Keep reading for all the details and to see the photos.

What have Chrisley Knows Best stars said after conviction?

It’s been almost a week since a jury handed down a guilty verdict against Todd & Julie Chrisley. The reality stars were convicted on 12 counts, including tax evasion and bank fraud. Additionally, Julie was found guilty of obstruction of justice.

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Todd and Julie Chrisley/Credit: Chrisley Knows Best YouTube

They each face a maximum of 30 years in prison at their October sentencing. However, Todd and Julie aren’t remanded in jail for the next few months.

Instead, the judge put them on home confinement with strict rules. For one, they can only leave their Nashville mansion for work, attend church, or for medical reasons.

Secondly, the former big spenders must inform their probation officers if they spend more than $1k on purchases.

Todd Chrisley is usually extremely active on social media. However, his last post was made two days before the verdict came in.

His wife hasn’t been on Instagram since the trial started in mid-May.

Todd’s estranged daughter Lindise Chrisley issued a statement via Instagram that she was “saddened”  by the verdict. She asked followers to pray for her family.

Savannah Chrisley dropped a cryptic post following the verdict, but has otherwise remained mum.

Almost a week after the verdict, Todd Chrisley finally came out of his home, but he couldn’t go very far.

Todd Chrisley spotted for the first time following guilty verdict

Todd and Julie Chrisley have apparently been laying low since their conviction. Through their attorney, they shared that they plan to appeal.

But people gotta eat, right?

The Chrisley Knows Best star was photographed getting a food delivery from someone special.

Todd Chrisley finally emerged from his home to accept a delivery from Savannah.

The television personality sports a plain white-t-shirt with tan khakis in the snapshots. The usually well-groomed Chrisley looked a little worse for wear with shaggy hair and a weathered face.

Click here to see more photos courtesy of TMZ.

Katie Joy trolls Chrisley over ankle monitor

There’s no love lost between blogger Katie Joy and Todd Chrisley. In fact, the reality star is suing her for allegedly spreading lies about him.

Though she claimed on her Instagram not to delight in the verdict, she posted a shady snapshot of Todd Chrisley with an unexpected accessory. Per the home confinement guidelines, Julie and Todd must wear location monitoring devices, AKA ankle monitors.

Katie Joy gleefully shared the photo across all @withoutacrystalball social media platforms. Click past Twitter’s sensitive content warning below to see the photo:

How do you think Todd is handling his conviction and possible prison sentence? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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