Julie Chrisley Ghosts Instagram Amid Guilty Verdict

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Chrisley Knows Best star Julie Chrisley ghosts Instagram amid a guilty verdict on multiple fraud charges. Will she return to social media? Read on for all the details.

Chrisley Knows Best stars face serious prison time

If you somehow missed the news, Todd & Julie Chrisley were found guilty of tax evasion and bank fraud earlier this week. The verdict came after a nearly month-long trial. The Chrisley Knows Best couple was initially indicted on the charges back in 2019.

However, the trial just took place in 2022. It started in May in their native Georgia. After just 2 and a half days of deliberations, the jury returned with their verdict. GUILTY on all 12 counts.

When Todd and Julie are sentenced in October, they both face up to 30 years in prison. Julie is possibly looking at a longer sentence than her husband because she was charged with wire fraud and obstruction of justice in addition to the other charges.

Todd Chrisley has remained uncharacteristically silent on social media, though he did find a way to shut down critics.

Their daughter Savannah broke her silence with a cryptic quote.

The only one who gave a lengthy statement was Todd’s estranged daughter from his first marriage, Lindsie Chrisley. Click here to see what she had to say about the shocking verdict.

Julie Chrisley ghosts Instagram amid guilty verdict

While Todd and Savannah were active on social media during the trial, Julie Chrisley has ghosted Instagram completely. Her last post was on May 16, when she wished her ‘baby’ Grayson turned 16. Coincidentally, that’s the day the fraud case went to trial.

The family matriarch hasn’t posted anything on Instagram since that day. Her silence is even more deafening amid the guilty verdict. The family’s attorney did release a statement on their behalf, revealing plans to appeal the jury’s decision.

Just because Julie Chrisley isn’t posting doesn’t mean that there’s no activity on her Instagram posts.

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Former fans flood comments with negative reactions

Chrisley Knows Best fans are shocked at the guilty verdict. In fact, some are still standing by Todd and Julie Chrisley. Others are demanding that the USA Network cancel the reality show, which is slated to return with new episodes later this month. 

Former supporters took to Julie Chrisley’s older posts to share their reactions to the verdict. On a post wishing her husband a happy birthday, one troll wrote, “I was looking for the post where everyone said their mind and bingo found it. POS.”

Another joked that maybe Todd and Julie can share a jail cell.

Does it surprise you that Julie Chrisley ghosted Instagram amid the verdict? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Chrisley Knows Best returns on Thursday, June 23. There has been no word if the network plans to go ahead with Season 10, which was to air later this year.

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