Savannah Chrisley Breaks Silence As Parents Face Potential Jail Time

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Savannah Chrisley breaks her silence about her parents’ tax fraud conviction. Keep reading to see her response to the shocking outcome for the Chrisley Knows Best stars.

Todd & Julie Chrisley face up to 30 years in prison

Chrisley Knows Best stars Todd & Julie Chrisley have been in the courtroom for the last three weeks on fraud charges. The charges stem from a 2019 indictment accusing the reality stars of tax evasion and bank fraud.

A woman with blonde hair
Savannah Chrisley/Credit: Chrisley Knows Best YouTube

On Tuesday, June 7, they were found guilty on all 12 counts. Their sentences will be handed down in October. In the meantime, they are on under house arrest. They can’t leave their mega-mansion except for work, church, or for medical care.

What, if anything, has the couple’s children said about the verdict?

Savannah Chrisley breaks her silence on verdict

Todd Chrisley’s formerly estranged daughter from a previous relationship, Lindsie, was the first to break her silence. She posted on social media that she was “saddened” by the verdict and asked followers to pray for her family.

Todd’s son, Kyle, is from the same previous relationship. He has yet to share any comments about the trial.

Additionally, Julie and Todd Chrisley have three children together – Savannah, Chase, and Grayson. Of the three, Savannah Chrisley is the first to break her silence about the verdict.

She took to her Instagram Stories a day after the conviction to share a cryptic quote. In part, it said, “I live off the truth. I don’t live off an opinion.”

“I know what God says about me and I’m not trading that for what anyone else has to say,” the quote continued.

Credit: Savannah Chrisley Instagram

Since she posted it on her IG Stories, followers can’t make public comments. However, her followers left supportive messages on other posts both during the trial and after the verdict.

But not quite everyone had something nice to say.

Previously defended parents’ innocence

Savannah Chrisley was among her parents’ staunchest supporters. So, when trolls left comments questioning Todd & Julie’s innocence, Savannah was the first to clap back.

On one recent post, Savannah shared a photo with her mom Julie to promote the latest Chrisley Box promotion. One follower left a comment saying they wouldn’t be ordering anything from the family.

The comment came before the guilty verdict. They wrote, “I know innocent until proven guilty but the court documents [are] disgusting.”

Savannah Chrisley quickly put the follower in their place. “Don’t order then,” she wrote. “You have no idea what you’re talking about! Our government is corrupt,” the Sassy By Savannah founder said.

Credit: Savannah Chrisley Instagram

What are your thoughts on Todd & Julie’s conviction? Let us know in the comments below.

Despite the family’s legal issues, Chrisley Knows Best will return to the USA network with new episodes on Thursday, June 23, 2022. Another season will also air later this year.

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  1. They deserve what ever sentence they have coming and I’m hoping that they get the max because people who cheat and steal don’t deserve to be free.

    1. Haha but we have drug dealers running the streets due to bail reform ! Makes a lot sense to me !!!

  2. I think it’s all BS, I believe the people that worked for them did this and got upset and jealous and decided to hurt them, I hope karma comes back ten fold to them, to do this to people just because they have money , or you can’t have what you want it’s just disgusting. In the end these so called friends, will be judged by God, and will pay for what they have done to a family just living their life, no matter how they live it,, rich, poor,, they are just people.. shame on those jealous and selfish.

    1. Nothing is being done to Al Sharp and a few other politicians. But I think that is because they are black and the Chrisley are white .


  3. I feel if you’re “guilty, you’re guilty.” However, this verdict was based on 12 jurors who was given a 2 different scenarios from the prosecutor and their lawyer and sometimes things are not always what it seems. I don’t feel if guilty, the time fit the crime. The Chrisleys are loving people, none of us are perfect and if their managers and accountants felt and knew something was wrong, they should have re-directed the Chrisleys. Why aren’t the Managers and Accountants on trial as well.. this I feel is not fair; they were also weeping the benefits. To sum it all up, if punishment must be given, 5 yrs probation is warranted enough. Additionally, how many crooked politicians, as well as the crooked government are doing the same or more and really do need to housed in jail for 30 years. Its really a shame the way our society judge US people and honor others outside the country with monetary rewards even when they KNOW its wrong. Just my opinion.

    1. You are so right. Our corrupt government. And the justice system leaves us with so much doubt. They pay people to watch their money for them.

  4. I’m saddened by the verdict of Julie and Todd chrisley. I’m a fan of their show and believe they are innocent.

    1. Hope you never stand in front of a bunch of jurors that hate rich people and a corrupt justice system. Good luck with that.

  5. It’s sad to say but you can’t trust anyone not even our own government. And if you really trust someone that is your own family. But then again family members can’t be trusted either. So here what you should consider prove to others and yourself that you’re innocent by keep appealing this issue, and get those whom done you wrong from the beginning. Life has a road and it’s called believe in the truth or you can face whatever bad. Just do what is right!

  6. That is no place for Todd or Julie I’m sorry these things are happening to your family..fuckd up world we live in..

  7. This is a travesty. All wealthy people take advantage of loopholes. And if someone dislikes you and makes a complaint, you’ll face it alone. Your CPA will be no where in sight.

  8. Ill be praying for them i love there show. government sucks and everyone behind that desk. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  9. I have watched their show a long time I Luv it But you could tell they had a different home every Two years I have had same house for 15 years They had a Rich man taste on a poor man’s budget So it had to come from somewhere Him and her never went to a job So the money had to come from somewhere,I know my limits πŸ¦‹

  10. I don’t believe any of us should have anything to say on this matter until we walk a day in there shoes and understand their life and there struggles we don’t know why they have to go thru this crap but I do know we are not them and they have enough to deal with at this point that they really don’t need the media’s shit about it to I’m really hoping that they only get a little probation time do it and then be done with this horrible chapter of their lives. Im routing fir the family there are people out there doing so much worse rich or poor all people have there own issues and who are we to judge them no one that matters anyway Chrisleys if you read this you guys keep doing you. You guys are all great I live the show and can’t wait to watch more of that part if your life not the part that’s some dumb ass shit that only you know what happen and if you did do what ever they said u did oh well get over it ppl like I said there’s much worse out there look at TRUMP really look at all the shot he has done and gotten away with really how us thus even right I hope for the real life shit to be treated as UT is real life shit. #FREECHRISLEYS

  11. Love the Family! They have done nothing that a million other wealthy people do all the time. They had a jerk of a friend that decided to destroy their wealth. Jail time is ridiculous, go after the drug cartel that’s real money. God bless the Family.

  12. I have no idea if they are guilty or not. However, I hope they get very minimum sentence. People commit way worse crimes and continue to walk the streets. Back in the early 90s, Mike Tyson was convicted of rape and Leona Helmsley was convicted of tax evasion. He served 3 years and she served 2. Seems really wrong that someone served just one year more for rape than for tax evasion. The system truly is screwed up. I wish your family well.

    1. It’s appalling what they did. But, long sentences to each of them isn’t the route to go. They can pay their debt to society in other ways that could benefit the public. …ie: a life time of community service.
      It is my sense Todd will not survive prison.

  13. Just remember God is with you and all your fans. I don’t feel you should get jail time they have nothing else on you so they should have you do community service and maybe give you a chance to pay it back. Don’t listen to these other people just know God is with you

  14. I hope they appeal ,I don’t think they did this , I think it’s the ppl they trusted to do there finances, I hope they do t go to jail ,listen we got a x president not only has committed crimes such as Jan 6 and now witness tampering and he is still walking around hum and that makes no sense so I’m praying for them

  15. Set Tod and Julie free. They are my inspiration. The government is rotten as a hen house full of rotten eggs. I’m praying for Tod and Julie. The power of pray is more powerful than the lying tongues that speaks evil upon good people. Tod and Julie just know that God got your backs and those haters will be exposed for their evil doing. I love you all and you will be set free in the name of Jesus.

    1. Your inspiration? What in the hell do they inspire? Living above your means, flaunting everything they have, all that unneeded cosmetic surgery, will only wear big name clothing! If they did the crime they need to do the time!

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