Victoria Fuller Takes Dig At Greg Grippo After Breakup?

Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller/Credit: Victoria Fuller Instagram

BIP star Victoria Fuller seemed to take a dig at her ex-boyfriend Greg Grippo days after he confirmed they broke up. Keep reading for all the details on her alleged shady post.

Greg Grippo Defends Women From Bachelor Franchise

An anonymous source told Page Six last week that rumors surrounding Bachelor Nation alums Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller were true. Fans have been speculating for months that the unlikely pair quietly broke up.

Greg Grippo personally confirmed the news to Jason Tartick on the Trading Secrets podcast. Despite the split, he didn’t share details out of respect for his ex. “She has a really good heart and yeah, it sucks,” he did say of his ex.

Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo/Credit: Victoria Fuller Instagram
Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo/Credit: Victoria Fuller Instagram

Katie Thurston’s former suitor also took the opportunity to stand up for the women from the franchise. “I think that the women in the franchise get attacked, especially just a select few of them, no matter what they do,” he said.

“Granted I think it goes for a lot of the people but especially I think for, you know, her, she can … anything she does gets scrutinized, I feel like.” Greg added.

Victoria Fuller Takes Dig At Ex After Breakup?

Greg Grippo may have nothing bad to say about Victoria Fuller, but does she feel the same? She shared a video on TikTok that some Bachelor Nation fans think was aimed at her ex.

The Bachelor In Paradise star looks to be moving on from the relationship by expanding her family. Victoria Fuller also seemed ready to resume traveling, something she previously enjoyed with Greg Grippo.

She went on a getaway with a gal pal and appeared to throw some shade on her ex before jetting off. In the social media video, Victoria Fuller lip-synched, “Catch flights, not feelings” by the baggage carousel.


hows ur monday?

♬ original sound – Niall Gray

Here followers were absolutely here for the apparent dig at her ex. Check out some of the comments on the post:

  • My boy Greg FUMBLED
  • You ate this up
  • Greg who? 🙄 he’s lucky to even have met you
  • If you’re going to Italy now get another tattoo. Add another Ciao next to your ciao meaning goodbye or Arrivederci, or very proper Arrivederla.
  • beat him at his own game

The rest of the video featured travel content from her girls-only getaway.

Do you think Victoria Fuller was making a dig toward Greg Grippo? Share your thoughts about their breakup in the comments.

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