Proof Greg Grippo & Victoria Fuller Are No Longer Together?

Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller/Credit: Victoria Fuller Instagram

Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller are one of the most surprising couples to emerge from Bachelor Nation. But fans think there’s proof they broke up. Keep reading for the latest sign the two quietly parted ways.

Controversial Start To Relationship

When Victoria Fuller confirmed rumors she was dating Greg Grippo at Season 8s Bachelor In Paradise reunion, Bachelor Nation fans were shocked. The two reality stars, who had both previously appeared on seasons of the franchise, seemed to be the perfect match. However, recent developments suggest that their relationship may no longer be going strong.

Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo/Credit; ABC YouTube
Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo/Credit; ABC YouTube

Grippo and Fuller began dating in early fall 2022, after Fuller’s engagement to Bachelor in Paradise costar Johnny DePhillipo ended. The new couple quickly became a fixture on each other’s social media pages, sharing affectionate photos and videos that delighted their fans.

Proof Greg Grippo & Victoria Fuller Are No Longer Together?

However, things seem to have taken a turn. The couple stopped appearing on each other’s social media pages early into 2024, hinting at a possible split. Additionally, both inadvertently fueled speculation by continuing to post photos of themselves without tagging each other.

One Bachelor Nation fan asked Victoria Fuller outright on her latest Instagram post what the deal is. “Is Greg still in the picture?” The Bachelor In Paradise star didn’t respond, but online sleuths think they found proof that the couple are over.


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A Bachelor Nation fan took to Reddit this week to share the latest clue they found that Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller broke up. A keen fan noticed that the reality stars turned influencers no longer followed each other on the social media platform. “Looks like they’re done,” the fan wrote.

Credit: Reddit
Credit: Reddit

Other Bachelor Nation fans took to the comments to react to the latest development:

  • They lasted longer than I thought they would. But then again I have a feeling they were a lot more on and off than they let on.
  • It would be so interesting if instead of posting a breakup announcement, one of them just starts dating a new person and soft launched them
  • I noticed they haven’t posted pictures together lately!
  • Am I crazy or did it seem like Victoria was more into him than he was into her?
  • smart for them to pick a day to mutually unfollow when it’s a weekend and there’s much bigger bachelor break-up news (gerry & theresa divorce) to bury it.
  • I’m not convinced this is over forever

Despite the hints, it’s important to note that a breakup has not been officially confirmed. As of now, it’s unclear whether Grippo and Fuller have gone their separate ways. Fans of the couple are no doubt hoping for a reconciliation, but only time will tell if that will be the case.

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