Bachelor Nation’s Victoria Fuller & Greg Grippo Split Confirmed?

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Rumors have swirled for months that Bachelor Nation couple Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo have split up. Does new info confirm it? Keep reading for the latest on the dramatic relationship.

Bachelor Nation’s Victoria Fuller & Greg Grippo Split Confirmed?

The beginning of Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo’s relationship is as messy as it gets in the Bachelor franchise. Viewers first met Victoria during Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor. She came in third place and later went on to date Season 19 Bachelor Chris Soules. When that relationship ended, she headed to Paradise. There, she found love with Johnny DePhillipo on Season 8 of BIP.

Johnny and Victoria left the beach engaged, but photos circulated online of her in Italy with Katie Thurston’s contestant Greg Grippo while Season 8 was airing.

Nick Viall subtly confirmed the rumors by sharing a TikTok video of Victoria and Greg kissing. They finally came clean about their relationship at the November 2022 Bachelor In Paradise live finale. However, they both denied that Victoria cheated on her ex-fiance.

Once the public was clued into their romance, Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller weren’t shy about sharing their lives on social media. However, neither of them has posted together since December, leading to breakup rumors.

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Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller/Credit: Victoria Fuller Instagram

Neither Victoria nor Greg have confirmed they split, but maybe they don’t have to. A source with inside knowledge spilled the tea to the gossip site Deuxmoi. According to the spy, the Bachelor Nation stars have “100%” called it quits but are “purposely” not confirming it.

The insider further claims that Greg Grippo moved out of their shared home a while ago and is “happier” now. He might even be dating someone new. The source claims the Bachelorette alum was spotted leaving a bar with some girl recently.

Surprisingly, the spy alleges that Greg and Victoria are “amicable” after ending their relationship. The insider describes the relationship as “beyond volatile” and says the two are better off apart.

Why They Might Keep It Secret

If the source is right about the split, it wouldn’t be the first – or last – Bachelor Nation breakup. Why would Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo want to keep it a secret? It could be an embarrassment on both of their parts for having multiple failed relationships within the franchise.

Credit: Deuxmoi Instagram

Or perhaps they’ve both decided to live quieter lives away from the public eye. Whatever the reason, it remains to be seen if the Bachelor Nation couple confirm or deny the rumors.

Do you think Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo have split up for good? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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