Johnny DePhillipo Still Questions Victoria Fuller, Greg Grippo Timeline

Johnny DePhillipo, Victoria Fuller, Greg Grippo via YouTube

Tons of drama and speculation have surrounded Victoria Fuller after Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise. She seemingly fell for Johnny DePhillipo in Mexico and even accepted a marriage proposal on the finale. However, things quickly went south for them. Then, she started a relationship with Greg Grippo fairly quickly even before the finale aired on television. She and Greg have clarified their relationship timeline, however, Johnny still has questions. Keep reading to find out more.

Johnny DePhillipo still has questions following Victoria and Greg’s interview

US Weekly shared what Johnny DePhillipo had to say about Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo appearing on The Viall Files. The new couple interviewed with good friend Nick Viall. They were asked to clarify their relationship timeline.

The two maintained that there was no overlap in their time together. Victoria says she and Johnny were over in August. However, Johnny says it wasn’t official until mid-September. Victoria says she thinks he just needed more time and conversations to accept it all.

According to Victoria, she didn’t reach back out to Greg until the end of September. The two talked and eventually decided to go to Italy together which is where they were first spotted together in public. That trip got the rumor mill soaring.

Johnny and Victoria via YouTube

They became an official couple on Halloween when Greg asked her to be his girlfriend. The two are now going to meet each other’s families and Greg is planning to move to Nashville to be with her.

As for Johnny, he was asked if he would ever accept Nick Viall’s invitation to come onto his podcast to tell his side of the story. He hesitated before replying and said, “IDK. If I learned one thing from BIP, the math isn’t adding up. #GeometryBeach.”

So, it seems Johnny still isn’t buying Victoria and Greg’s timeline story. He believes things changed when Victoria attended Nick’s girlfriend Natalie’s birthday party. Johnny said after that Victoria grew colder.

Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo via Instagram wtih pets

Victoria just wants to move on

Victoria told Nick she just wants to move on. During the podcast, she said, “I’m so f–king tired.” She continued, “If I don’t want to be with somebody because it is a toxic environment, I shouldn’t have to be with that person because the world wants me to. I should be able to move on. … I never cheated on Johnny.”

This isn’t the first time Johnny has voiced his concerns and suspicions about Victoria and Greg. He previously said, “It sucked, for sure. It just kind of made me believe that anything she said didn’t hold weight anymore, and I had my suspicions and I kind of thought that there was always something going on. And then it just makes you think, ‘When did it start?’ It’s a weird feeling. … I think we were on two different levels.”

Greg and Victoria via Insta

Regardless, Johnny isn’t giving up on love. He has said he would even accept an invitation to head back to Mexico next summer to try one more time.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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