Victoria Fuller, Greg Grippo Share Big Plans For The Future

Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo via YouTube 3

Bachelor in Paradise alum Victoria Fuller moved on from Johnny DePhillipo shortly after Season 8 wrapped up. Now, she’s found happiness with Bachelorette alum Greg Grippo. The couple appeared on The Viall Files and shared how serious they really are and what their plans for the future involve. Keep reading to find out more.

Victoria Fuller, Greg Grippo share plans for the future

Nick Viall interviewed Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo together for the first time. They talked about many topics that have been speculated on over the past several weeks. One thing they discussed is their future together.

Do Victoria and Greg see a future together? They both never hesitated when they said yes. Nick asked Greg how he feels about Victoria now and the reply was that he is head over heels in love with her.

Victoria agreed they are in love. Nick took it a step further and asked if they believe they are each other’s person. Both Greg and Victoria said yes.

Greg and Victoria via youTube

So, what’s next? Victoria has already said that she is not leaving Nashville. She owns a home and is settled there. So, Greg is the one making the big move.

He said he is moving to Nashville and they are going to move in together. He said some things are already there. Greg met some of her family in Boston and she will be spending Christmas with his family in New Jersey.

They also both agreed they want marriage in their future.

Halloween was special

Greg detailed that Halloween was a special, romantic day for them. Victoria’s new cat had gotten outside and they were outside looking for him. They found the cat and went in to relax.

As they were sitting on the couch sipping whiskey, Greg asked Victoria to be his girlfriend. He said it had been on his mind for over 48 hours before he gathered the courage to ask her. At that time he told her he was falling in love with her.

Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo via Instagram wtih pets

They have both been receiving a ton of hate from online trolls who don’t support their relationship. Victoria said the past week has been tough to navigate through. She hopes people will stop and see that she is genuinely happy now with Greg.

Victoria also said they are taking it day by day and figuring things out. Each day she and Greg grow stronger together.

Stay tuned for more updates on Victoria and Greg as they continue their new adventure together.


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