Victoria Fuller Dishes On Throwing Wine Glass At Johnny

Victoria Fuller and Johnny DePhillipo via YouTube

Victoria Fuller met Johnny DePhillipo during Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise. She accepted a proposal from him on the finale. However, things went south pretty quickly for the newly engaged couple. In fact, she was already in another relationship with Greg Grippo by the time the finale aired on television. Once the news of their split became public, rumors came along with it. One was that Victoria threw a wine glass at Johnny. Now, she’s telling all the details and revealing if this rumor is true or not. Keep reading to find out more.

Victoria Fuller dished on throwing wine glass

Victoria Fuller appeared on The Viall Files with new boyfriend Greg Grippo. Nick Viall asked her all the nitty gritty details about the timeline of her and Johnny’s breakup and when she connected with Greg.

One issue that came up was the accusations that Victoria threw a wine glass at Johnny. She shared all the details.

Victoria said this incident happened at their first happy couple visit. She said this all happened while The Bachelorette was still airing. In a sense, she felt lied to about his time with Gabby. She didn’t know about him not being ready for commitment. She was also frustrated while trying to be supportive that he didn’t have a steady job.

He made her even angrier when he noted that if he had facial hair while on Gabby’s season he would have been the next Bachelor. She told him no way and he brought up her past and how during her season she was called a homewrecker.

Victoria said it was already toxic at this point. There was yelling and name-calling. She overheard him on the phone with a friend outside so she opened the door and threw the wine glass. According to Victoria, it was not directly at Johnny and did not hit him. It broke when it hit the ground.

Johnny and Victoria via YouTube 1

She said, “When things get toxic so fast … and it’s already getting to the point of, you know, I’m yelling at him, he’s calling me terrible names, maybe I’m throwing a wine glass here and there.” She continued, “Whatever, it’s out there. When it gets toxic that quick, I’m not gonna stay.”

The noise violation

Victoria and Johnny were later notified that they got a noise violation from the whole ordeal at the happy couple rental. A producer told them after the fact. This house is reportedly the same one Rachel and Tino broke up in.

Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo via Instagram wtih pets

Victoria said from that point their relationship spiraled out of control. She said their issues were 50/50 and she is hurt he won’t take ownership for his part of it all failing.

In the end, their relationship ended and she is moving on.



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