Fans Shocked At Savannah Chrisley’s Face In Recent Appearance

Savannah Chrisley - Unlocked - YouTube

A few years ago, Chrisley Know’s Best alum, Savannah Chrisley received criticism for her overly faked tan on her face and it seems to get worse. This week, fans slammed her all over again because she looks so unnatural. Critics reason that she is young and not unattractive, so they wonder why she would over-filter and use so much makeup and Botox.

Savannah Chrisley & Her Dad Used A Lot Of Facial Enhancements

Todd Chrisley sits in prison and there, he doesn’t get to use makeup, filters, and Botox. In fact, he’s gone gray and all his enhancements are fading away. Recently, he turned 54 years old, and it’s not unusual for men to have gray hair at this age. Speaking about it on the podcast, his daughter acted as if she never suspected he used hair dye. Well, she hasn’t stopped using enhancements in sympathy with him. Actually, she seems to use them even more.

Savannah Chrisley [Source: YouTube]
Savannah Chrisley – Unlocked – YouTube
Savannah Chrisley was blasted by Chrisley Knows Best critics in October last year. At the time, she used Botox and it made her look like she was pouting. The rest of her face looked as if she was trying to be her dad’s twin. Many people thought it seemed bizarre. Additionally, she said that she does her own DIY Botox. Critics thought that she did herself zero favors and now they slam her again.

Chrisley Knows Best Alum Gets Slammed For Her Face

Recently, a photo on social media made its way to Reddit, and there, Chrisley Knows Best snarkers shredded Todd’s daughter. Although the photo was taken down, we have it for you to see below. In the caption, the OP wrote:

what is that 🤣

Brightly Dressed Savannah Chrisley Via Reddit
Brightly Dressed Savannah Chrisley Via Reddit

In the comments section, Savannah Chrisley didn’t get a lot of love, to say the least. Many people still remember her from before she launched her Sassy By Savannah products when she didn’t go over the top with filters and fillers. See some of the opinions below.

  • This girl looks like a 🤡. Lay the f–k off the mismatched make up and f–king filters Sassy you look like a 🤡.
  • Too much makeup… & Odd outfit for someone her age.
  • Mega makeup or mega filters? Why do women do this? I bet she’s pretty without.
  • She needs to leave her face alone.
  • She looks scary as f–k. What the hell.
  • Must be taking tips from Lindsie🤓
  • She looks puffy. Is she giving herself an injection?
  • People gotta chill with filter on filter and caked make-up.

What do you think of Savannah’s very bright outfit? And what about her face? Do you think she’s using too much Botox or filters? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Chrisley Knows Best news. 

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  1. She’s beautiful. Don’t see big deal. She’s not using any more makeup or Botox than any other celebrity.

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