‘Below Deck’ Captain Sandy Yawn’s Alleged Scammer Arrested

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Captain Sandy Yawn is set to marry her fiancé, Leah Schafer, in May this year. Before their wedding ceremony, the couple purchased a property together in Florida. However, the Below Deck Med captain lost her money after paying out a considerable amount to a contractor. Allegedly, Pineapple Corporation bailed on them and left their home incomplete. This week, the news arrived that the contractor had been arrested.

Captain Sandy Yawn Allegedly Scammed

The news about the Bravo star being left high and dry arrived in mid-February. At the time, she claimed that they spent all their money on the Nocatee property in St. Johns County, Florida. However, after the contractor disappeared, they had to scrape up to try and complete the home themselves. And, they were not the only people affected.

Captain Sandy Yawn said that it cost her in the region of $1.6 million. But, they’d have to find nearly half of that again, to complete their home. Additionally, she mentioned that there were “other victims” involved. However, News 4 Jax checked out the business “near Jacksonville Beach and found no one there and nothing inside.” So, it seemed the company had closed. But, the St. John’s County sheriff arrested the owner late last week.

Below Deck Med Star Gives A Statement After Arrest

The owner who was arrested faces allegations of “misappropriation of funds,” “larceny,” and running “a scheme to defraud.” EW caught up with the Bravo star on February 23, and she gave them a statement about the arrest:

We have a badass detective John McGuire working non-stop. This is just the beginning and justice has and will continue to be served…We just want to enjoy our lives after this nightmare. We are working hard to earn money to finish and now have to get a construction loan.


Captain Sandy Yawn's Incomplete Home - First Coast News YouTube
Captain Sandy Yawn’s Incomplete Home – First Coast News YouTube

Captain Sandy Yawn and Leah Shafer intend to complete the home by themselves. In the meantime, Pineapple Corporation’s president, Spencer Calvert is accused of misappropriation of funds to the tune of a total figure exceeding $15 million, per a platform X Sheriff’s statement These things take time to investigate and get before a judge. So for now, it seems that every penny counts for the Below Deck Med captain.

Sandy & Leah Hope to Finish Their Home Soon

Unfortunately, the home probably won’t be ready by the time the Bravo star ties the knot. At the moment, she’s protecting a date in June before the completion of their project.

What are your thoughts about the contractor named Spencer Calvert being arrested for alleged misappropriation of funds, larceny, and running a scheme to defraud? Do you think that Captain Sandy Yawn’s influencer status might have helped to get some action taken? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Below Deck News.

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