‘Golden Bachelor’ Gerry Turner’s Big Mistake With Theresa?

Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner - ABC YouTube

Golden Bachelor fans turned on Gerry Turner after he and Theresa Nist divorced and now, a source claims that he made a mistake. Well, he already made a mistake when he claimed he hadn’t dated in many years when he had. During the show, fans heard allegations by an ex-girlfriend that he didn’t treat her well.

Gerry Turner Claimed Living In Different States Killed The Marriage

When the divorce announcement arrived on Good Morning America, the reason for it seemed off. While Theresa claimed they still loved each other, only her body language reflected that emotion. Actually, he seemed detached, something noted by a body language expert even before that. He felt too attached to his family in Indiana to make a permanent move to New Jersey. Meanwhile, she was involved in her own life in New Jersey. So, family matters came first, and they called it quits. Or, so The Golden Bachelor lead claimed.

Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner, Theresa Nist - GMA YouTube
Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner, Theresa Nist – GMA YouTube

It was April Kirkwood who claimed that she warned Theresa Nist about Gerry Turner. That came when Theresa put on a brave face after he filed for a quick divorce. April said, “I wish you the very best. I truly tried to tell you but this was your lesson to experience. Much love!❤️” Golden Bachelor fans didn’t like what April said, but she might have come to the same opinion as another source about him making the wrong decision.

Proposing To Theresa Nist Was A Mistake?

Per OK! a source claimed that “Gerry never should’ve proposed to Theresa. He really wasn’t ready to get married.” Apparently, because of that, it’s no huge shock to his family that it ended so quickly. By the time the scandal about his ex arrived, Theresa was too far into the relationship to take much notice of it. The ABC star had already fallen in love with him. The outlet also cited their source as saying:

In a way, Theresa felt like she had to go through with the wedding because the whole world was watching.

Theresa Nist makes her vows at the Golden Bachelor Wedding - ABC - YouTube
Theresa Nist makes her vows at the Golden Bachelor Wedding – ABC – YouTube

Gerry Turner might have known that he made a mistake when he proposed. However, a lot of ABC viewers felt that he preferred fame rather than his new wife. In fact, not long before the divorce, he was featured as a question on Jeopardy, and he signed up with a big agency. Therefore, ABC fans seem a bit more forgiving towards Theresa Nist than towards him.

What are your thoughts on the claim that Gerry Turner wasn’t ready for marriage when he proposed to Theresa? Do you believe she had some misgivings, but it was too late to pull out because of the rush to the altar? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Golden Bachelor news.

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