Gerry Turner & Theresa Nist Announce Shocking Divorce

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist/Credit: YouTube

In an announcement that is sure to rock Bachelor Nation, Golden Bachelor couple Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner announced they’re divorcing. What happened? Keep reading for all the latest details.

Theresa Nist & Gerry Turner Put On United Front Amid Rumors

Bachelor Nation viewers were shocked during the November 2023 Golden Bachelor finale when Gerry Turner chose Theresa Nist over Leslie Fhima. Many, including Leslie herself, thought she was going to be his final rose winner.

Gerry and Theresa wasted no time getting to the altar. They wed two months after the finale in a live TV special. The Golden Wedding was a ratings high, but the marriage seemed to hit an all-time low this month.

The senior couple admitted on a podcast that they don’t live together. Gerry Turner never left his Indiana home to build a life with Theresa Nist in New Jersey or South Carolina like they originally planned.

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist's Golden Wedding - Instagram
Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist’s Golden Wedding – Instagram

However, sources claimed the two were still very much in love. They’ve been on a media tour at various promotional events, including a taping of Family Feud.

But was it all just damage control? That’s what fans might be wondering after this morning’s shocking announcement.

Golden Bachelor Couple Announce Divorce

Bachelor spoiler guru Reality Steve hinted earlier this week that a huge scandal was brewing in the franchise, but he didn’t give details. The details came out on Friday, April 12, when Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist sat down for an interview with Juju Chang on Good Morning America. Gerry broke the news that he and Theresa had decided to divorce.

“Theresa and I have had a number of heart-to-heart conversations, and we’ve looked closely at our situation, our living situation, so forth and — and we’ve kind of come to the conclusion mutually that it’s probably time for us to — dissolve our marriage,” – Gerry Turner, GMA.

Juju Chang asked for clarification on whether that meant the couple was planning to divorce. Gerry Turner confirmed that was what he meant.

Theresa Nist added that she didn’t want their split to cause anyone to lose hope in love. “We have received so much love and support from so many people who watched ‘The Golden Bachelor,’ and I don’t think we can tell you how many people told us that it gave them so much hope,” she said. “We want none of that to change for anybody.”

What’s next for the seniors? Maybe Gerry Turner will join the upcoming season of Golden Bachelorette… unless the network picks Theresa Nist as the lead.

Are you shocked that the Golden Bachelor couple divorced so quickly? Sound off in the comments.

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  1. Wow… not really surprised, I thought he was going to pick Leslie, I never cared for Teresa that much… and was surprised when he chose her. And the marriage two month’s later was a bit too hasty… and going on today’s show that they still love each other and holding hands…. a little bit too much silly drama. Dissolve the marriage already! And neither one should appear on the golden bachelor or golden bachelorette ! That would be just plain ridiculous! If it didn’t work out for them the first time around, what would make it work the second time around for either of them !

  2. Maybe Reality Steve will find out the primary reason for the divorce. Teresa does not live close to her son who lives in South Carolina. I think where to live is a common problem with Bachelor Nation winners as they think the other person will move to where they live.

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