Jason Tartick’s New Girlfriend Reveals ‘Bachelorette’ Connection

Kat Stickler and Jason Tartick/Credit: Instagram

Jason Tartick’s new girlfriend, Kat Stickler, reveals she has a surprising connection to The Bachelorette. He was a contestant on Season 14. Keep reading for all the juicy details.

Kat Stickler Parties With Bachelor Nation Stars

Multiple news outlets confirmed through sources that Jason Tartick is now dating social media influencer Kat Stickler. His relationship with Bachelorette star Kaitlyn Bristowe ended in August 2023 after four years of dating.

Despite the numerous reports, the new couple hasn’t made their romance Instagram official. But they did spend this past weekend together at the Stagecoach festival in California. Kat shared a photo on her Instagram that included the most recent Bachelor winner, Kelsey Anderson.

Jason Tartick and Kaitlyn Bristowe/Credit: Kaitlyn Bristowe Instagram
Jason Tartick and Kaitlyn Bristowe/Credit: Kaitlyn Bristowe Instagram

Rumors of a romance between Jason Tartick and Kat Stickler began when they got together to record an episode of his Trading Secrets podcast. Weeks after filming, the appearance was finally released earlier this week.

The two still played coy about their relationship, but Kat Stickler dropped some major Bachelorette tea that surprised even her new beau. What did she reveal?

Jason Tartick’s New Girlfriend Reveals Bachelorette Connection

Jason Tartick knows all about The Bachelorette. He was a contestant on Becca Kufrin’s season. He came in third place after being sent home before the Fantasy Suite dates.

Credit: Kat Stickler Instagram
Credit: Kat Stickler Instagram

During her interview on his podcast, Kat Stickler revealed that she was once approached to be The Bachelorette. She claimed that the network reached out to her manager around the 2021 season to see if she wanted to do it.

According to Us Weekly, she passed on it, saying it wasn’t “the right time” so soon after her divorce from Michael Stickler.

“Also, that sounds like a lot of work. That would be a lot. I know people are like, ‘That sounds awesome.’ Like, whoa, guys, and you have to make out with all those people. That’s so gross,” she added.

Jason Tartick joked on the podcast that ABC should consider her again as The Bachelorette. “I think the ratings would be electric,” the finance bro gushed. He even went so far as to say he might apply if she was the lead.

Michelle Young was ultimately chosen as The Bachelorette in 2021.

The podcast episode was filmed when they reportedly just began dating. But things seem to be getting pretty serious fast. TMZ caught the couple out to dinner with Kat’s 4-year-old daughter, MK, whom she shared with her ex-husband.

Do you think Kat Stickler would have made a good Bachelorette lead? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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