‘Bachelor’ Contestant Rachel Nance Soft Launches New Man

Rachel Nance/Credit: ABC YouTube

Is Bachelor contestant Rachel Nance finally over Joey Graziadei? Fans think she soft launched a new relationship on social media.

Rachel Nance Soft Launches New Man

Rachel’s journey on The Bachelor was a rollercoaster ride. She won the hearts of viewers with her optimism and genuine personality, but faced challenges along the way, including racist slurs from fans. Despite the negativity, Rachel emerged stronger than ever, using her platform to speak out against hate and discrimination.

She was one of Joey Graziadei’s final three. While she didn’t find love with him, she found lasting friendships with Daisy Kent and Kelsey Anderson.

Kelsey Anderson, Rachel Nance and Daisy Kent/Credit: Rachel Nance Instagram
Kelsey Anderson, Daisy Kent and Rachel Nance/Credit: Rachel Nance Instagram

Rachel Nance has been keeping her love life under wraps since her elimination from the show. However, it appears she’s ready to introduce her new beau to the world.

She was one of several Bachelor Nation alums to attend this weekend’s Stagecoach festival. Rachel took to her Instagram to share a series of photos from the popular event, but one photo in particular drew attention from fans.

The photo shows Rachel in a cowboy hat with a mystery man’s tattooed arm around her shoulders. She captioned the Instagram carousel, “About last night.”


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Kelsey Anderson wrote, “TELL ME MORE,” in the comments. Another follower left the comment, “It’s okay queen, just tell us whos tatted arm that is.”

Several other followers speculated the photo dump was a soft launch of a new romance. Fellow Bachelor Season 28 contestant Lea Cayanan joked, “Y’all calm down that’s my arm I’ve just been working out.”

So, who is the mystery man? Internet sleuths discovered the tattooed arm belonged to Instagram user @chase_mannnnn. He shared the same photo on his Instagram Story.

Bachelor Nation Fans React

While Rachel Nance’s social media followers were supportive, other Bachelor Nation fans took to Reddit with a different reaction. A thread about the possible soft launch dissolved into comments about her potential new beau’s social media activity.

  • I went to look at this guy’s follows because of everyone’s comments about them and it is killing me that he follows Creed, the band’s official Instagram.
  • Does he have brayden tattooed on his arm?!
  • Him following Chris Harrison is wild
  • This man’s follow list… she’s gonna be crying about racism again in the near future with this one
  • Why does everyone lose their minds at stagecoach lol
  • This man’s IG is, umm, for lack of a better term, quite something!
  • I think it’s just a photo for clicks. They just met this weekend.

What do you think of Rachel Nance’s Stagecoach crush? Sound off in the comments.

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