Gerry Turner Addresses Rumors He’s Dating Already Amid Divorce

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Rumors have swirled non-stop around Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist after their sudden divorce announcement last month. One theory suggested that the Golden Bachelor had another girlfriend waiting in the wings. Another speculated that money was behind the breakup.

The Bachelor Nation alum addressed the rumors head-on in a social media interaction with a follower. Is Gerry Turner dating already amid divorce?

What Caused The Golden Bachelor Breakup

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist were only married for three months before they called it quits. They got engaged during the November 2023 Golden Bachelor season finale and wed in January 2024.

The older couple said at the time of their wedding that people their age are in no place to wait to get married. However, did they rush into things? That’s what fans think.

Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner via Jen Woolsten Instagram
Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner via Jen Woolsten Instagram

Gerry and Theresa said on Good Morning America that the decision to divorce wasn’t an easy one. But neither one of them was willing to relocate to where the other lived or a neutral destination.

However, Bachelor Nation fans and alums are skeptical that location was the main reason behind the split.

Gerry Turner Addresses Rumors He’s Dating Already Amid Divorce

Gerry Turner returned to social media after weeks of radio silence. His first post was an innocent one about life on the lake with his beloved dog, Cody.

“My favorite time of the year on the Lake, and Cody’s too! In addition to her loving up on my dad and taking boat rides, she has the full time job of keeping the geese off the shore. Summer is close,” he captioned a series of photos of the Goldendoodle.

Credit: Leslie Fhima Instagram
Credit: Leslie Fhima Instagram

However, former fans took to the comments to troll him over the divorce.

  • The result of everything after such a wholesome season is so confusing…
  • Are you getting back together with Leslie?
  • Do NOT divorce Theresa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I don’t know you can part with a lovely woman like Theresa

He did his best to ignore the negative comments, but he addressed one comment in particular about rumors surrounding his dating life. “Heard you’re dating again,” someone wrote on the post. Gerry Turner shot down the speculation, responding, “definitely not.”

Credit: Gerry Turner/Instagram
Credit: Gerry Turner/Instagram

The rumors may have stemmed from his expected at a dating event this month. However, one of his remaining fans pointed out that he was hosting the event, not looking for dates.

Do you think Golden Bachelor fans are being too hard on Gerry Turner on his social media page? Sound off in the comments.

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