‘Golden Bachelor’ Alum Thinks Gerry Turner, Theresa Nist Will Regret Split

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A Golden Bachelor alum recently gave her thoughts on the divorce of Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist. The divorce has been the talk of Bachelor Nation ever since it came out. It has shocked everyone since Gerry and Theresa were only married for three months before they called it off. It seems that the two did not want to move for one another and did not think the marriage could work living apart for the rest of their lives.

The Split Of Gerry And Theresa

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist recently announced they were going to be getting a divorce. 

“Theresa and I have had a number of heart-to-heart conversations, and we’ve looked closely at our situation, our living situation and so forth, and we’ve kind of come to the conclusion mutually that it’s probably time for us to dissolve our marriage,”

This shocked a lot of people. Especially alums, Kathy Swarts and Susan Noles. Susan is the one who officiated the wedding and legally married Gerry and Theresa. She was most shocked by the divorce but felt the two did love each other.

'Golden Bachelor' stars Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner/Credit: ABC YouTube
‘Golden Bachelor’ stars Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner/Credit: ABC YouTube

What Does The Alum Think About It?

Kathy Swarts seems to think they will regret it. 

“Everybody had less time together to get to know everyone and then you know, they didn’t get to see each other very much, it was really like, it was like speed dating. And maybe they regret what they did — clearly it didn’t work out — but let’s just let them live. But they deserve the respect and the space to try to heal,” Swarts continued to Noles. “And I know when you and I talked about, at the wedding, I mean, we were sitting there crying, watching them and we were just so happy and quiet honestly, you and I both were envious that they had fallen in love.”

This made fans sad to hear how in love everyone thought they were before hearing they were getting a divorce.

Kathy Swarts, Gerry Turner, and Theresa Nist/Credit: Kathy Swarts Instagram
Kathy Swarts, Gerry Turner, and Theresa Nist/Credit: Kathy Swarts Instagram

It seems Kathy thinks the two of them regretted what they did. Susan also gave her opinion on the two, and as the one who married them, she thinks they did show true love. Not many people think the two got married with ill intentions, but rather, they did not have the conversations they needed to. Theresa and Gerry still love each other but are not meant to be. What do you think about the situation? Sound off in the comments below.

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