Jason Kelce Reveals Presence Of CTE After Football Career

Jason Kelce

Jason Kelce recently revealed the presence of CTE after he ended his football career. Jason played for the Philadelphia Eagles and announced he was retiring after last season. He now has a podcast with his brother, Travis Kelce. He also is going to be on ESPN for a special. Kelce is loved by most NFL fans and now he has revealed a medical issue he may have.

Jason Kelce’s New Gig

Jason Kelce recently announced that he was going to be on ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown. This is a pregame show for the NFL. Fans did not expect Kelce to throw away football completely after playing the game for so long. So, this did not come as a shock to most and people expected him to do something. He also has a podcast with his brother, Travis Kelce, called New Heights. The two talk about sports, life, family, and more. Jason could have more gigs coming his way because as of right now only his Monday nights are booked up.

Jason Kelce Reveals Presence Of CTE

CTE stands for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. This is when you have several brain injuries, and it kills the nerves in the brain. This happens most with people who play sports for a long time, like Jason Kelce. He made a comment about a racehorse and received backlash. Someone commented how he may have CTE and he agreed.

“I mean I can virtually guarantee that I have CTE, all the research would suggest I have some degree of it, I think it is entirely reasonable to assume I have some degree of that pathology. I understand, I don’t take offense at all. what I’m saying is that it’s completely reasonable to think I have CTE,”

This would not be shocking as Jason played professional football for 13 years and started playing the game way before then. He did apologize for his racehorse comment due to the backlash he was receiving.

Jason Kelce
Jason Kelce

It seems Jason thinks he could potentially have CTE. However, it could only be known for sure during an autopsy after death. He did not mean to upset people with his racehorse comment, but he did. However, he has apologized for the comment and was not offended by the CTE claims. Jason played in the NFL for 13 years and it is a possibility. What do you think about it all? Do you think he has CTE? Sound off in the comments below.

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