Jason Kelce Scores New Gig After Retirement

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Jason Kelce recently scored a new gig for the first time after retirement. Kelce is known for his time in the NFL and his time playing for the Philadelphia Eagles. He spent 13 years playing pro football. He has grown more famous amongst fans since he started his new podcast with his little brother, Travis Kelce. The two also have fans coming from Travis’s girlfriend, Taylor Swift. Keep reading to find out more.

Jason Kelce Retires From The NFL

Jason Kelce announced he would be retiring after this last football season. This was a hard thing for him to do and his speech involved a lot of tears.

“The reality was, it was more firm than it’s ever been this year that I don’t think physically I can compete at the level that I want to anymore and really compete the way I want to. My elbow and my knees. It’s just gotten to the point where the deterioration and the recovery and that deterioration really hasn’t manifested on gameday yet, but I know it’s going to start doing that and I’d really rather not — I’m hard on myself and if I got out there and I’m not the player I want to be, it’ll crush me. I feel very confident in the decision I made. I know it’s time. I’ve had a really good run but that’s the biggest reason why.”

Jason Kelce

Jason’s New Job After Retirement

Jason Kelce is going to be on ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown pregame show. After spending 13 years in the league, no one expected him to go away completely. Jason got a lot of opportunities after he retired. However, some thought he was going to be in the WWE after he made an appearance. He also revealed that he would like to host SNL liked his brother Travis did. There could still be more gigs in the books for Jason as he only has Monday nights booked up.

It seems he is going to be on the show talking about football. This is not shocking to fans as he was wanted by a lot of stations after he retired. Jason is used to being in front of the microphone since doing his podcast with Travis. Fans are going to be tuning in on Monday nights just to watch Jason and his new gig. Are you excited for Jason and his new journey? Will you be watching? Sound off in the comments below.

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