‘The Voice’ John Legend Upset New Coach Is Taking His Place?

John Legend

Fans are dying to know if John Legend is upset about a new coach taking his place on The Voice. Legend has been a coach on the show for several seasons and fans are sad to see him go. However, they also want to know how John feels about his exit. The season is almost finished, and viewers cannot wait to see who is going to win. Keep reading to find out more.

The New Coaches On The Voice

Production recently revealed the four coaches that will be on the next season of The Voice. There will be two new coaches and two familiar faces. However, some fans are not happy about who is going to be returning. Reba Mcintire will be returning to her red chair. Gwen Stefani will also be making her return. However, there are two brand-new coaches. Snoop Dog and Michael Buble. Viewers are interested in how the two new coaches will do on the show.

The Voice
The Voice

Is John Legend Upset?

Fans are dying to know if John Legend is upset about getting his spot taken. 

“We’ve always got so many things going on, I’ll be doing a lot of shows this summer and traveling overseas. I’ll be back, if only I were actually going to take a break! It’s exciting to incorporate some new people into The Voice family, having Snoop here, he’s been here as a mentor before, but having him as a coach, I think is going to be a lot of fun and reinvigorate the show a bit. We’ve been around for 25 seasons and part of how we continue to stay fresh is introducing new coaches to The Voice family, and I think Michael and Snoop will do really well,” 

John does not have any hard feelings and is going to enjoy his break with his wife and children. He also hinted that he will be returning to the show in a future season. What do you think? Do you want to see him make his return in the future?

John Legend and Maluma on The Voice / YouTube

It seems that John does not mind having a break. He also hinted that he will be returning at some point. John thinks switching the coaches up keeps things entertaining on the show. However, some fans are not happy that Reba and Gwen are returning. Fans cannot wait to see how Snoop Dog and Michael Buble handle being coaches in the next season. What do you think about it all? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. Hardly anyone wants Stefanie back. she’s too into herself. She tries to pull off costumes that aren’t representative of her age. She is very pretty but appears to be consumed with her appearance.

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