Boston Rob Mariano Reveals If He Will Return To ‘Survivor’

Boston Rob Mariano

Boston Rob Mariano recently revealed if he will return to Survivor with his wife for Season 50. Jeff Probst let fans know the next season would be full of people who have already played the game. Rob just completed his time on Deal Or No Deal Island and fans are ready to see him on their screen again. Keep reading to find out more about his plans for the future.

Boston Rob Cost His Own Game

Boston Rob Mariano was on this season of Deal Or No Deal Island. However, he lost his game when he cheated. Rob has been on Survivor six times and has won once. However, this did not help his game on this show. In Survivor, you are encouraged to look at other player’s boards to complete your own. On this competition show, it is against the rules. He looked at Amy’s board and got a three-minute penalty. This made him lose the game due to being so behind the others. Rob was confident he would have won the game otherwise.

Boston Rob Mariano
Boston Rob Mariano

Will He Return To Survivor?

Does Rob plan on returning to Survivor for the next season?

“I love Survivor, It’s been a huge part of my life for nearly half of my life now. I don’t feel any desire to go back there and play the game again, especially where they’re just gonna use me for a little bit and vote me out. But who knows? Maybe if there’s a concept change or something I would consider it because they’ve given so much to me over my life, but even though I like to stir up a lot of trouble on social media, don’t believe everything you see posted.”

He did not reveal if his wife had any interest. The two met when they were on the same tribe. They have been together ever since and have children together. Seeing them play together again would be awesome.

Boston Rob Mariano
Boston Rob Mariano

It seems he does not plan to return next season. However, he has not ruled out the possibility of returning in the future. Fans cannot wait to see him on the screen again playing his heart out. He did not mention if his wife had any desire to return in the future. Right now, they are just focusing on their family and children. What do you think? Do you want him to return? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. I only tuned in to Deal or no Deal Island because Rob was playing. So yes, please, get him back on TV competitively! My house hold will watch!

  2. He was so much fun to watch and wished he had won…But hopefully he will be on many more shows…Yes, he made the show! 🙂

  3. Please come back Boston Rob and Amber. Survivor is my favorite show. I watched Deal or No Deal only because you were on it.

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