Travis Kelce Calls Out Jason For Losing Super Bowl Ring Again

Travis Kelce and his brother Jason Kelce held a special event at their alma mater, The University of Cincinnati. In what should come as no surprise to fans of Jason, he lost his Super Bowl ring again. This has become a recurring issue, but Jason thinks it is gone for good this time, causing Travis to call out his brother as an “imbecile.”

Here is what happened and why Travis is so frustrated with his brother.

Jason Kelce Loses Super Bowl Ring

Jason Kelce wanted to let fans see his fun side again at the University of Cincinnati. He and Travis Kelce took their podcast live for the fans there and they had some fun events going on. This included Jason competing in an obstacle course and a fun event for fans that included pasta, chili, and Jason’s Super Bowl ring.

Jason and Travis Kelce, New Heights Podcast, YouTube

At the event, Jason had an inflatable pool halfway filled with pasta. After this, they added chili to the pool as well. Finally, Jason placed his ring in the pool and the fans’ goal was to find the ring in the slop among decoy rings placed in among the real ring. Jason called this competition “Jason Lost His Ring” during the first annual “Lombaby Games.” The name was based on him losing his ring more than once in the past.

The bad news came when the event ended. That is when Jason’s ring ended up completely gone. The event organizers even brought in a metal detector but the ring wasn’t there.

“As you guys know, this game existed because I continually lose my Super Bowl ring,” Jason said. “I don’t even know if Travis still knows this, but I legitimately lost my Super Bowl ring in this event. They could not find it.” He then said everything had been thrown away since then so his Super Bowl ring is probably in a “landfill” now.

Travis Kelce Slams Brother For Losing Ring

Jason Kelce said he made an insurance claim on the lost Super Bowl ring. Jason won the ring when his Philadelphia Eagles won Super Bowl LII in 2018. When he mentioned the insurance claim, Travis was shocked that Jason put his real Super Bowl ring in that pool.

Jason said it was no different than if “somebody came in my house and took” the Super Bowl ring, but Travis disagreed. “You are such a f**kin imbecile,” Travis said. Travis Kelce also said he doubts the insurance claim will pay it since Jason has told “the entire world how you lost it.”

Jason still claims he didn’t lose it and someone probably stole it, which he said doesn’t matter. He asked if Travis thought he could just get another one made and Travis said, “I don’t know, Jason. Probably.”

What are your thoughts on Jason Kelce losing his Super Bowl ring again? Do you think he will get it replaced or is Jason Kelce right about the ridiculous nature of the lost ring? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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