Jason Kelce Announces Retirement In Tearful Press Conference

Jason Kelce

Jason Kelce held a press conference earlier today. The brother to Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift’s current boyfriend, broke down in tears several times as he made his announcement. The National Football League is now a part of his past.

The Big Announcement

Jason Kelce announced to the world he would be retiring from the NFL. The Philadelphia Eagles superstar will not be returning to play for the Eagles or any other football team.

Kelce did not go into any details as to why he was retiring from football. At the time of publication, the reasons for Kelce’s life-altering (and football-altering) decision wasn’t shared.

Jason Kelce Gets Emotional

Jason Kelce was very emotional as he made the announcement he would be retiring from the NFL. He had tears streaming down his face. Kelce stopped several times to take breaks in attempts to regain his composure.

Jason Kelce was surrounded by his friends and family. His brother, Travis Kelce, was with him. Travis Kelce’s girlfriend, Taylor Swift, was not reported to have been at the press conference. She is busy on tour at the moment. Travis Kelce seemed almost as emotional during his brother’s announcement as the retiring player was.

Kelce and the NFL

Jason Kelce has had a very promising career with the NFL. He was drafted in the sixth round of the NFL draft in 2011 by the Philadelphia Eagles. His rookie season, he played in every game. In 2014, only three years later, he was chosen to play in his first Pro Bowl.

It was in 2018 when Jason Kelce won his Super Bowl ring. The Philadelphia Eagles defeated Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in that Super Bowl. In addition to winning a Super Bowl, Kelce competed in a total of seven Pro Bowls.

Jason Kelce, Green Light With Chris Long, YouTube
Jason Kelce, Green Light With Chris Long, YouTube

The Future Of Jason Kelce

Jason Kelce did not go into details as to what his future may hold. Like many other former NFL stars, Kelce may make the choice to go into broadcasting. Seeing he spent time on various networks, on his days off from the Eagles, as a broadcaster, broadcasting just might be the next step for Kelce. It is possible he may not be out of football completely.

A career in the broadcasting booth is a logical choice for Jason Kelce. He and his brother, Travis Kelce, have a podcast together. The podcast is titled New Heights. It was not until Travis Kelce started dating Taylor Swift that New Heights became a popular podcast.

Tell us what you think. Did you see the press conference when Kelce made his announcement about retiring? Are you shocked Jason Kelce is retiring? What did you think of him being so emotional about leaving the National Football League? Were you surprised Travis Kelce cried as well? Sound off in the comment section below.

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