‘Bachelor’ Star Lea Cayanan Opens Up About Dealing With Trolls

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Bachelor Season 28 contestant Lea Cayanan recently opened up about her journey on the show and dealing with trolls. Keep reading for more about her experience on the popular dating show.

Whirlwind Bachelor Journey

Lea Cayanan’s participation on The Bachelor was a rollercoaster ride, filled with excitement, heartbreak, and an unexpected battle against online trolls. The Hawaiian account manager turned reality TV contestant had a unique journey that captured the hearts of viewers and sparked controversy in equal measure.

Lea’s journey on began with a spark. As one of the first contestants to meet Bachelor Joey Graziadei, Lea had the advantage of making an impression before the other women. She was introduced to Joey during the Charity Lawson’s After The Final Rose special.

Credit: Lea Cayanan Instagram
Credit: Lea Cayanan Instagram

This early connection seemed to bode well for her chances, but the road ahead was far from smooth. Despite her vibrant personality and strong presence, Lea received minimal one-on-one time with Joey. Her primary opportunities to shine came during group dates.

However, the lack of individual dates left Lea feeling frustrated and unsure of her standing with Joey. She was sent home after a group date in Spain.

Lea Cayanan Opens Up About Dealing With Trolls

Like several other contestants, Lea Cayanan received hate from online trolls. During a recent interview with Island News, the Hawaiian native revealed, “I got called every name [in] the book. There were a lot of racial slurs, people telling me to go back to my country.”

The online hate took a toll on Lea both during and after her time on the show. She spoke out about the negative impact of cyberbullying, sharing her experiences to raise awareness and provide support for others facing similar challenges.

But the hate wasn’t directed at just the Bachelor contestant. “I knew the risks involved. I knew what I was getting into. But my family, my friends were people that they didn’t necessarily sign up for this. They didn’t open their lives for scrutiny,” she told the outlet.

Despite nasty messages from trolls, Lea Cayanan remains committed to staying true to herself. “Right now, I am focused on reclaiming who I am and what I want to put out into the world. That is very much light and love.”

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