‘Bachelor’ Rachel Nance Refuses To Let Discrimination Hold Her Back

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Season 28 Bachelor, Joey Graziadei’s frontrunner Rachel Nance, looks back on the discrimination and hate that went her way, and she refuses to let it hold her back. The news arrived ahead of the weekend, that she and other people who think positively, rather use hate to motivate themselves.

Rachel Nance Has An Interesting Mix Of Cultures

Rachel Nance was a front-runner in Joey’s season. However, it was the hometown date at California’s Rancho Cucamonga that caused a lot of problems for her. She grew up in Hawaii and shared many Filipino traditions, including some delicious food. However, lots of Bachelor Nation fans slammed her for it.

The Bachelor - Hometown Date Rachel Nance - ABC YouTube
The Bachelor – Hometown Date Rachel Nance – ABC YouTube

Rachel Nance found a lot of support during the torrid time of cyberbullying that arrived after Episode 8 of Joey’s The Bachelor. Serena Pitt and Olivia Lewis stood by her, as did Bachelor in Paradise star Serene Russell. Serene knows how it feels to be on reality TV as she starred in Clayton Echard’s season. While most people should expect some trolling on the dating show, it seemed very harsh. So, Serene said on Instagram, “It’s hard [to] understand the magnitude of what the regular experience is like, let alone being racially and culturally attacked.”

Bachelor Contestant Uses Discrimination To Motivate Herself

Speaking with NBC News, the ICU nurse spoke out about this, especially mentioning Asians. She explained saying, “Asian women, we’re taught to always apologize first. … “If I bump into somebody, I go, ‘Oh, sorry. Sorry.’ If they bump into me, I say, ‘Sorry,’.” You never want to come across as too loud or you’re doing too much. And so the split second before I went on stage, I thought maybe I shouldn’t bring this up. Because what if it makes people uncomfortable?” She then went on to say:

It was either I honor my family and I show what I was raised with, or do I not and hold back, and then I’m sad, and I’m not honoring my family. Being a woman, you’re really put in a box and being a woman of color, you’re put in a smaller box and we just can’t win…And, I think that’s all you can do, you just show who you are.

Bachelor - Joey Graziadei, Rachel Nance - ABC You Tube
Bachelor – Joey Graziadei, Rachel Nance – ABC YouTube

Rachel Nance spoke out about not using “racism as a crutch.” Firmly, she stated that she believes “…people of color, Asian women, all of us” use such nasty experiences “as a catapult to push us in a direction, to chase our dreams, to take up space.” 

It seems that while the torrent of nasty comments and online bullying hurt Joey Graziadei’s contestant, Bachelor star Rachel Nance won’t let it hold her back. It takes courage to open up about insensitive comments, and those fans who support her like her down-to-earth personality.

What are your thoughts about Joey Graziadei’s contestant, Rachel Nance refusing to let discrimination get her down? Are you glad she spoke out about some people who would rather use it as “a catapult” to build their dreams? Shout out in the comments below. and come back here for all your Bachelor news.

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