Serena Pitt Relates To Rachel Nance’s Struggle With Hateful Trolls

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Bachelor Season 28 contestant Rachel Nance opened up about the negative reaction she got from some viewers. It’s something Bachelor Nation alum Serena Pitt can relate to. Keep reading to find out Serena’s thoughts on the cyberbully crisis sweeping the popular franchise.

Rachel Nance Breaks Down Recounting Racist Messages

Rachel Nance was among the contestants from Season 28 at the Women Tell All special that aired on Monday. She joined host Jesse Palmer on stage after the studio audience and viewers at home watched Joey Graziadei send her home. Rachel took the stage to share her experience looking for love on reality TV.

However, she also opened up about the shocking amount of online bullying she received, particularly after Joey gave her a rose over Maria Georgas. Rachel revealed that some Bachelor Nation fans were sending her hateful DMs that included the “n-word” and other racial slurs.

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She broke down in tears at parts of the conversation. Joey Graziadei and Jesse Palmer both expressed their sorrow for the hateful behavior shown by some viewers.

Jesse Palmer Speaks Out

Following Rachel Nance’s emotional revelation, Jesse Palmer took action. The host of the Bachelor franchise looked directly at the camera to admonish any fans of the show who sent Rachel or other contestants hateful messages.

“We love your strong opinions. I think it’s so important that we uplift these women, who are brave enough to be vulnerable and to share their stories with Joey and with all of us at home. These women, they deserve our praise and not our hate.” – Jesse Palmer, Women Tell All.

Serena Pitt Relates To Rachel Nance’s Struggle With Hateful Trolls

Rachel Nance was a guest on the Bachelor Nation Happy Hour podcast after the WTA episode. The podcast is hosted by now-married Bachelor In Paradise couple Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt. “Grocery Store Joe” had some simple advice for Bachelor Nation fans: “Just don’t be a f*cking d*ck.”

But to be honest, the fan-favorite probably hasn’t gotten many hateful messages. His wife, on the other hand, can relate all too well to Rachel Nance.

“The hateful comments are a struggle for everyone in this franchise and it’s something that we as past contestants and me as a woman of color can definitely relate to your experience to an extent,” she told Rachel.

Serena got emotional discussing the bullying happening in the franchise but thanked Rachel for speaking up. “Thank you for your bravery and sharing your culture and sharing your family and your traditions on the show.”

Serena Pitt isn’t the only alum to show support for Rachel Nance. BIP Season 8 contestant Serene Russell also spoke out.

Do you think cyberbullying has become a problem in Bachelor Nation? Sound off in the comments.

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