‘Live’ Kelly Ripa Embraces Her Anxiety

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On the set of Live with Kelly and Mark, Kelly Ripa seems unflappable, unless something really obvious goes wrong behind the scenes, but she usually embraces her anxiety and keeps her face neutral. Or, she laughs, jokes, and directs the negative energy away. Unlike some people, she’s not afraid to talk about her health.

Live Kelly Ripa Had Some Bad Experiences On The Talk Show

Most people see a professional with her fingers on all the buttons in the ABC show. However, she admitted over the years that sometimes, things were not going well behind her facade. For instance, in 2022, she spoke about feeling depressed and there was a lot of anxiety at work. However, it all flowed out of her when a random stranger said something nice about her.

Kelyy Ripa Youtube
Kelly Ripa – ABC Youtube

Kelly Ripa does let her anxious moments slip out now and then. Once, during the coronavirus years, she lost it when a fan criticized the way she and Ryan Seacrest did their personal hygiene for the ABC show. That was an anxious time for everyone, and she talked about it on social media. Those days are thankfully behind us, hopefully forever, and she is more relaxed.

Live With Kelly And Mark Host Opens Up About Anxiety

On Wednesday, the wife of Mark Consuelos hosted her Let’s Talk Off Camera podcast, a regular event. Albert Bianchini and Jan Schillay, her producers chatted with her while they waited for the author and musician, David Duchovny to join. He was there to talk about his “personal and professional failures.”

David Duchovny - Jimmy Kimmel - YouTube
David Duchovny – Jimmy Kimmel – YouTube

Before David Duchovny arrived, Kelly Ripa discussed how people feel embarrassed to tell others about using weight loss drugs. The Live with Kelly and Mark host thinks that it’s a silly thing to be anxious about. Then, the conversation veered to anxiety, as the discussion mentioned reports that drugs like “Ozempic” can make people feel anxious and depressed. So, you might be a thinner person, but not necessarily a happier one.

Kelly Ripa Let's Talk Off Camera Podcast - YouTube
Kelly Ripa Let’s Talk Off Camera Podcast – YouTube

The ABC talk show host did a few promos for mental health aids but at the 4:02 marker, she said:

I don’t get it at all. I love my anxiety. I feel like it serves me well. I have had both low-level and high-level anxiety…I take my anxiety everywhere I go…I like it. It comforts me [and] it is my constant companion. Whne I’m super anxious, that’s when I get super quiet.

What are your thoughts about Kelly Ripa openly talking about her anxiety? Do you agree that it’s healthy to acknowledge that sort of mental health problem? What are your feelings about weight loss drugs? Did you know that Ozempic might cause depression and anxiety? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Live with Kelly and Mark news.

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