Kelly Ripa Recalls ‘Dark Times’ Hosting ‘Live!’

Kelly Ripa [Watch What Happens Live | YouTube]

Kelly Ripa recalled some “dark times” when she co-hosted Live! She considered leaving her position. However, there was a kind stranger who showed her that she was on the right path. Kelly sat down for a profound discussion with spiritual author and mentor Gabby Bernstein on her Dear Gabby podcast. See what she had to say about the times when she struggled with her job.

Kelly Ripa almost considered leaving Live!

There were times when the former soap actress considered leaving her hosting position. She didn’t know what to do since she was at a crossroads in her life. Kelly Ripa admitted that she was going through a difficult time. She didn’t share what exactly made her feel this way about her career.

Kelly Ripa [Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon | YouTube]
[Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon | YouTube]
“I always go back to this really long time ago and it was one of those dark times at work where the job was riddled with insecurity,” Kelly Ripa revealed on the latest episode of the Dear Gabby podcast. “There was a lot of insecurity for all of us, not just myself. I remember it was a time where I was feeling very down at the job, very down, and I was really comtemplating whether or not I should leave the job.”

The All My Children alum struggled with this decision on nearly a daily basis. Kelly said her behavior even made her colleagues anxious. It created a work environment where everyone was “scared” to speak to her. They were scared that Kelly was going to leave her job.

Kelly Ripa [Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon | YouTube]
[Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon | YouTube]
She didn’t want to lie to them, so she said “I don’t know.” The actress wanted to weigh her options to see if being on a talk show was meant for her. Kelly got the answer she was looking for when she went out to eat with her friends. She received a message from a random stranger.

Former AMC star gets her sign

During the deep discussion, Kelly Ripa recalled that the person came up to her with a business card. The woman informed her to read the back of it. Kelly felt anxious about reading the note because she expected the worse. Little did she know that she would get her true calling revealed to her.

“I flipped the card over, God only knows what this says, I was preparing myself for the worst, and I don’t know why,” Kelly Ripa admitted. “She said, my mother lives in a nursing home, she has dementia, she’s 87 years old, you are her best friend. In that moment, I said, ‘I’m with her.'”

Gabby Bernstein With Kelly Ripa [Gabby Bernstein | Instagram Stories]
[Gabby Bernstein | Instagram Stories]
The stranger gave her the answer that she was looking for at the time. Kelly found a “silver lining” in this challenging time that she needed to be a “best friend” to those who needed her the most. In the rest of the interview, Kelly talked about her new book, meditation, anxiety, and grounding techniques.

Are you surprised to learn that Kelly Ripa almost quit her job? What are your thoughts? Have you struggled through something similar? Sound off below in the comment section.

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