Kelly Ripa Admits Worrying About RO For Sexual Harassment

Live With Kelly And Ryan host Kelly Ripa is out with her husband Mark Consuelos promoting her new book Live Wire. Earlier this week, the author appeared on Late Night with Seth Myers talking about her book and the unique way she met her husband. However, during the conversation, she mentioned that she might have gotten a restraining order from her husband Mark. What did she do to deserve an RO? Keep reading to find out the details.

Kelly Ripa Details Her First Meeting With Husband Mark

As she detailed her first meeting with Mark that happened on the set of All My Children, the Live host said, “I met Mark in such a way that today in this atmosphere, this climate, that we all live in, I basically, accidentally, innocently, sexually harassed my husband.”

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While the studio audience laughed, Seth quipped, “That’s very big of you to admit.”

Referring to her book, Kelly said, “Yes, well, I admit it right there on the page.”

“I walked up to him at a screen test and I said, ‘I had a dream about you. That we-‘ I know at that point, he should have hit the button and they would just take me out,” she continued.

Returning to her story, Kelly chimed in, “But I said, ‘I had a dream about you that we were on a plane to Rome together and we had a baby. The baby was wearing red-footed pajamas.”

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“He was looking around at the other guys that were there screen testing like, ‘Has she said anything bats**t like this to any of you?” she continued.

Kelly Ripa Feared Mark Would Get An RO Against Her

Talking about Mark’s response to the situation, Kelly revealed, “He asked, ‘Oh have you ever been to Rome?’ and I said, ‘No, never.’ Mark said, ‘Oh, we used to live in Italy. You would like it.’ Not knowing me at all. And he walks away.”

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This is when Kelly felt like she might get a restraining order for being so weird with someone she just met. She chimed in, “He walks away, probably to file a restraining order. Then I was like, who is ‘we’?”

Concluding her story, the author said, “I made it my life mission to find out who ‘we’ was.”

Mark Consuelos Reads An NSFW Excerpt From Live Wire

However, as per The Sun, the couple ended up marrying one another. Yet, Kelly has been her weird self with him ever since. Promoting her new book, Kelly even posted an IG video of her husband reading an NSFW excerpt.

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Sure enough, Kelly’s weirdness rubbed off on him the right way as he had no problem reading this naughty scene from the book. Even when on-air with Live With Kelly And Ryan, the host doesn’t shy away from sharing her feelings.

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